How to connect your Outlook account to Outreachbin

September 4, 2022

    How to connect your Outlook account to Outreachbin:

    1. Begin by signing into

    2. Click the email tab on the dashboard.

    3. Click the ‘Add New Email’ or ‘Connect Inbox' button.

    4. In the connect inbox pop-up, type your Outlook email address, name, and app password.

    5. To create an app password:

    a. Go to the Security basics page and sign in to your Microsoft account.

    b. Click on Advanced Security Options

    c. Scroll down and click on create a new app password.

    d. The system will generate an app password for you. Copy that app password in the connect inbox pop-up in outreachbin.

    6. Choose the outlook server in the following pop-up and click next.

    7. Enter your Incoming server, incoming port, and server Encryption in the following pop-up.

    8. Confirugre your warmup settings in the following pop-up. We recommend 40 interactions per day, a Reply rate of 30, and a ramp-up starting from 2.

    9. Click on save.

    Article written by Mo
    Copyright 2023.
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