Email Warm up & Deliverability
Ensure inbox delivery every time.
Cold Email
Send cold emails that get responses.
Use cases

Build better relationships 
through cold email

Put hyper personalization at the heart of your email marketing

Automated Follow-up Sequences

Set your email campaigns on auto-pilot. Set time based delayed between emails. Hyper personalize each email to fit the prospect. Add or remove steps, follow-ups or change delays at ant time
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“Automated follow ups have been a game changer for us, especially when our prospects need nudges before we can book them for a call”
Alexandra D. HR Director
cold email follow up

Keep Full Control of Your Emails

Control how many total emails go out per follow up step each day. You can also set the start and end time for the day as well as select the best time zone.
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Choose Ongoing or Onetime Campaigns

Campaign types give you the flexibility from sending out a single email, single sequence or an on going series. On going series allow you to keep adding prospects to campaigns for fully automated work flows.
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