How to build a prospect list using Outreachbin

October 7, 2022

    1. Begin by signing into

    2. Click on the leads tab on the navigation header.

    3. Click on the New List button to build your leads list.

    4. Give your leads list a name in the following pop-up, and then click on the Search leads button.


    5.   Select a criterion to start searching under. From title to the job role, inferred salary age, gender, and even birth year, outreachbin’s wide range of criteria allows you to be as specific orgeneric as you want when building your lists.


    6. Once you have searched for your desired leads, click on the unblock button to access their information.


    7. Click on Add to my list button and then choose the leads list you want to add the unblocked leads to in the following pop-up.

    You can check out different lead plans here.

    Article written by Mo
    Copyright 2023.
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