Cold Email Templates for Recruiters [Updated 2021]

A great cold email outreach strategy is important for a recruiter that can set you a hundred feet away from mediocrity. To assist you to do that, we've put together some cold recruitment e-mail templates used among many recruiters that yield a 40-50% success rate and drive favorable outcomes.
January 30, 2021
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Cold Email Templates for Recruiters [Updated 2021]

Cold email is crucial to connect with new candidates, but finding the perfect cold email template can be a headache for recruiters. For this reason, we have curated a list of stellar cold email templates that actually work.

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With thousands of emails striving for attention, there's a fair chance that your emails may not be read, let alone get answered. On average, less than 10% of cold emails receive a reply. To improve your chances of getting a response, your messages need to stand out and create a terrific initial impression.

To assist you in doing that, we've put together some cold recruitment e-mail templates used among many recruiters that yield a 40-50% success rate and drive favorable outcomes.

Recruiters also prepare and draft email templates for common phenomena that save repetitive labor. Besides drafting the emails and preparing the templates, you need to track the successes and failures of those with our recruiting email metrics. This will help develop your outreach a lot over time.

How do you write a perfect cold email?

Creating good cold emails is indeed an equal mix of art and science. There are a few factors that can enable you to achieve fantastic cold email collections. Here are a few guidelines that we have developed drafting and analyzing thousands of cold emails.

1. Customization

Most people receive a huge number of emails daily. Their emails are already overloaded. So, it’s unlikely to open your email if you don’t personalize it according to your audience. Customize your cold emails to draw the receiver's attention.

2. Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most crucial parts of any email. It determines whether the receiver will open the email or not. Even if you write an awesome body, more than half of them won’t be opened.


The email needs to evoke sentiment in the mind of your target. The emotion we have seen to work all these years is FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. However, you can't be blatant about it, but you can indirectly imply that they don't really want to miss out on what you're offering.

4. Be Concise

Nobody reads a long mail. You don’t want your mail to get skipped. Be as short and simple as possible in your cold emails.

5. Make Them Feel The Necessity

The email you are sending is about them, not you. This is one of the most common mistakes among recruiters. Don’t tell them what they can do for you. Tell them what you can and are offering.

6. Avoid Using Fancy Words

Besides being concise, you need to avoid jargons that can confuse the receiver. Be as simple as you can in your emails. Make your email easily readable. There are just a few brief seconds that your reader will give to your email. Make sure you're delivering the value in those seconds.

7. Be Honest

Be frank and don't make high statements. Rather, be honest with yourself. This is valid for not only your emails but also for your company in general.

8. Call To Action

Make sure to put one call to action. It’s better if you keep it simple. Like, you can ask them to reply to your email. Asking people to submit their resumes for an overview will lower your response rate. Again, asking them to check their availability on their calendar will also do the same.

Now that you know all the nitty-gritty of cold emailing use these 10 email templates to keep candidates updated and involved while recruiting.

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1. For previously known candidates

Subject: Hello, there <FirstName>!

Dear {First Name},

Hope this email finds you well.  We had reached out a while back about the possibilities with a well-known technology firm. Things are still going well at {CompanyName}, but your name has resurfaced again with regard to a particular opportunity that I thought you might be interested in.

They have a good reputation for candidates coming from a similar background. I felt it makes sense to reconnect, considering the quest's unique nature, as we reach the bonus season.

If you're eager to learn more, kindly let me know when it would be convenient to have a conversation. Once again, thank you for your time. I'm expecting to hear from you.

Kind regards,


2. Outreaching without disclosing the name of the client

Subject: Hey, {First Name}!

Hey, {First Name}!

We haven’t spoken yet. I saw some of your works with {Company Name}, and I really liked it.

Evidently, things have gone well so far, and I expect you to stay there for the long term. That being said, your name has surfaced concerning a particular search that we are undertaking for a well-known tech company. They are a firm that solves some of the most challenging problems inside a systemic commercial space. I'm sure you'll get a lot of inquiries as we enter the bonus season, but I'd be interested in talking to you more in order to give you more information. I promise you not to waste your time, as this is a very particular inquiry.

If you're interested to know more, how about a conversation? Please let me know when would be a convenient time to catch up with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

With regards,


3. Catch up with a salesperson

Subject: Hey, {First Name}! Loved your article

Hey, {First Name}!

I recently stumbled on the article you wrote about generating entertaining sales emails with GIFs and visual elements to get better answers. I've got to admit, I totally enjoyed it. I have been using GIFs (how could anyone not love them) in my emails and getting some awesome results. Your actions should have brought tremendous results to {Candidate's Company Name}.

Currently, I'm hiring creative and confident salespeople like you for our client. We best believe you've got a way to make sales that could affect a "maybe" to a "yes!"  We're working on building a sales team consisting of people like you who are not afraid to explore and produce results. Would you like to have a 15 minutes chat this week?

Best regards,


4. Connect with someone that has been recommended to you

Subject: Hey, {First Name}! You were recommended to me

Hi, {First Name}!

Hope you find this email well. Our contacts at {Company Name} have some wonderful things to say about you and your job, and as it comes clear. We are a prominent design-focused recruiting company in NYC with customers including PayPal, Instagram, and others in the best of technology.

We're partnering with some awesome businesses with increasingly diverse teams and who would love to work with you.

You were highly recommended, and we're really impressed with your performance at {Candidate’s Company Name}. I'm getting in contact to see if we can make a call sometime to have a fast talk about your career goals.

Waiting for your answer.



5. Reconnecting with a previous candidate

Subject: Up for a new role?

Hey there, {First Name}! It's been more than 6 months since I first reached out to you about our clients' open positions as an Advertising Creative producer.

Insane how time flies! I hope you have been all right!

Ever since, we have effectively brought <X> candidates in firms such as <Company 1> <Company 2> <Company 3>

I'm also very excited to reconnect with you to see if there's a real match for you. After checking out your portfolio as well as what you've been up to since my last email, I'm sure I think my timing is perfect now.

What do you say? Are you open to discussing any of our opportunities? In the worst case, you'll hear about some exciting possibilities for you at some of the top firms in the region; at best, you'll start to move towards your next adventure.



6. Outreach based on common interest(s)

Subject: We have so much in common {First Name}!

Hi, {First Name}!

Depending on your Twitter profile, I've gathered that you're a Christiano Ronaldo fan, prompting me to reach out to you.

What might Ronaldo be if he didn't have the blessing of Isco and the mighty Casemiro midfield formation!

I looked into your account along with some of the work you did on the dribble, and I said myself that if the design industry had a Christiano, it would've been you. I know you've been at {current company name} for only six months, and this may be a poor time to reach out to you, but I've decided I'm going to take a risk.

We're hoping to fill our clients' design team with a fantastic role. Will you be accessible for a short chat about this?

Best regards,


7. Using a shared connection to email a new prospect

Subject: Introduction from {Connection’s Name}

Hi, {Prospect’s First Name}!

{Connection’s First Name} recommended that I reach out.

I recently helped {Referral Company’s Name} hire for a very similar role to the {position} that you are currently hiring for. I'm trying to get in touch to see if you'd be willing to a short conversation to see if I could give you the same service?

With my availability, I'm flexible. Let me know when's a convenient time for you.

Kind regards,


8. Outreach acknowledging past performance and social information

Subject: {Name of the prospect} we are here to help!

Hi, {Full Name}!

I found that you had a job open for <position name> for a couple of weeks.

We've assisted <company name 1> <company name 2> and <company name 3> fill similar roles throughout the past, and I'm getting in touch to see whether we can help fill your available roles.

I have two applicants that fit your job requirements. Will you be open to a call this week to know more about our service and see if we can assist? Let me know a suitable time for you, so I can arrange a call.



9. Follow up emails for candidates

Subject: {First Name} expecting to hear from you

Hi, {first name}!

Last week, I reached out to you. I can’t imagine how busy you are now. I would still like to talk or have a chat with you about our available senior engineering positions. Are you free to talk for like 15 to 20 minutes this week? Maybe we can chitchat about it.

Kind regards,


10. Sales follow up emails for agencies

Subject: Last chance, {first name}!

Dear {first name}!

I'm following up one final time in case you overlooked my previously sent emails.

Our projects have yielded more than $100 million in sales across several B2B tech companies. Are you keen to hear more of how we can help {name of the client’s company} do the same thing?

Just give a reply if you're here, and we can set up a short discussion.

Warm regards,


To learn more about follow up emails, click here! In addition to that, you can automate your cold emails using OutReachBin campaigns.

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