10 Powerful Cold Email Templates to Generate Leads in 2021

While fully personalized emails are the most effective way to build business relationships, they’re not necessarily the most efficient ones to rely on. Cold email templates let you tailor them to your needs and get the job done of persuading your target reader. To help you generate leads effortlessly, we’ve come up with some proven copywriting strategies and cold email templates to persuade your lead in the first go.
February 14, 2021
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10 Powerful Cold Email Templates to Generate Leads in 2021
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While fully personalized emails are the most effective way to build business relationships, they’re not necessarily the most efficient ones to rely on. Cold email templates let you tailor them to your needs and get the job done of persuading your target reader.

To help you generate leads effortlessly, we’ve come up with 10 proven copywriting strategies and cold email templates to persuade your lead in the first go.

10 Powerful B2B Cold Email Templates Ahead

Cold Email Template 1: AIDA

Attention — Grab the lead’s attention.

Interest — Tailor it to their interests to keep them engaged.

Desire — Build their desire with your offer’s benefits.

Action — Incorporate a Call to Action to secure a response.

This copywriting formula is prevalent for ages. In addition to that, it is proven to generate leads without failure.

AIDA Formula

This formula is powerful because it manages to grab the lead’s attention, kindle desire, as well as encourage them to get to the action. That’s all you need to generate leads.

The AIDA formula is used by almost all landing pages, ads, or cold emails in some shape or form, thanks to its effectiveness.


Hi [First Name],

We know how hard it can be for [lead’s role] like you to deal with [state the problem your company solves].

Our [product/service] saves you from the stress and helps to [problem’s solution] by our [short pitch].

If you want to have [the problem’s solution with your product’s benefit], then [insert a call-to-action like an email/sign-up/call] today!



Cold Email Template 2: BAB

Before — State the current problem the lead is facing

After — Kindle an imagination of how this problem’s solution could change their lives

Bridge — Show that your offer is the only solution to their problems

BAB Formula

This before-after-bridge formula works every time because it harnesses the power of triggering responses by relieving the pain points of your lead.

There’s nothing more motivating than the relief from pain points or problems. This formula pictures your product as the medium to achieve their pleasure, which is yet to be sought. Thus, it triggers them to respond and you get to generate a lead!


Hi [First Name],

We noticed that [leads company] is facing [the problem your offer intends to solve], which might cost you a lot more than what you think.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if [lead’s concerns and problems] would be solved?

Well, now you’re in luck. Because now your problems can be solved in no time with our [your product’s big benefit] Make your life easier with our [describe your product’s/services' features]

If you’re interested in easing your life, kindly email us with a time that you’d be free next week for a personalized demo.



Cold Email Template 3: PAS

Problem — Vividly highlight a pain point of your targeted lead.

Agitate — Agitate the pain point and explain the consequences of it happening.

Solution — Offer a solution to alleviate the pain point of your lead.

Contrary to the BAB formula, the PAS formula has a negative approach. This strategy triggers a response by persuading the lead to “avoid the pain.”

PAS Formula


Hi [First Name],

We have noticed that [lead’s company] is suffering from [the pain point].

It’s a problematic issue to overcome and can cost you [stat or data to agitate the pain point].

But don’t worry. Our [product/service] helps you get rid of this problem with [your product’s big benefit /short pitch].

Would you be open for a call next week to get a demo of our [big benefit/solution]?



Cold Email Template 4: SAS

Star — Introduce the Star of your story. The star could be you, your lead, products, etc.

Arch — State how the main character of your story faces the same problem your market does

Success — Explain how your star wins at the end of the story or is better off with the help of your product.

Stories do a great job when trying to engage an audience or sell an idea/product. Such a relatable story helps your lead to quickly grasp the experience and understand the idea that you’re trying to sell.

The SAS formula helps to create an emotional connection with your lead thus triggers a response. This strategy works great particularly with personal experiences and success stories and strengthens your cold email.


Hi [First Name],

In the latter half of 2019, the future was looking bleak for [star person/company].

[The Star] was facing [problems of the industry] and desperately needed to [get results related to your product/service] to survive in the industry.

Even though it was a tough task, [the star] succeeded to get [benefits] and triumphed in the industry. Want to know how?

[Your product] specializes in [benefits that helped the star win] and has helped many other companies like [the star] to [results of your product’s benefits].

If you are keen to experience the same, I have a personalized template to help you [benefit]. When will you be open for a demo?



Cold Email Template 5: The Relevant Question

Asking questions is a great way to engage with your target audience. But, ordinary generic questions are not that helpful.

If you want your cold email to help generate leads, the question-based email should be specific and relevant to your lead’s field.


Hi [First Name],

Want to know how you can achieve [the benefit of your product] by using our [product/service]?

I know you’re busy working to [end goal that your product/service gets], so I’ll keep it short.

Coming from the lead [role at your company], I’ve got a few suggestions to help you immediately [end goal of your offered benefits] in your field. They are:

  • [Suggestion 1]
  • [Suggestion 2]

I believe you are too busy to do these on your own. And that’s where [your company] can help. Would you like a quick session during the next week so I can help you execute these suggestions and discuss this further?



Cold Email Template 6: 3P’s

Praise-Picture-Push are the three P’s of this template.

Praise — Start with a sincere and genuine compliment about a recent accomplishment of your lead.

Picture — Paint a picture to your lead depicting how they could accomplish regularly with your product.

Push — Encourage them to commit and take action.

3P's Formula

A little flattery goes a long way, even more so if you can use it to your advantage of selling your product/service. This formula works because people love to succeed and accomplish more.

With this cold email template, you can not only persuade your targeted lead but also make them buy your product by letting them know how it can help them succeed.


Hi [First name],

Congratulations! I just got to know that you [the recent achievement].

As you’re preparing for your winning speech, it’s only natural to fall behind on other tasks. If you’re struggling to keep up, I’d love to show you how our [your product’s benefits] can help you ease your life.

Would you be free for 10 minutes next week for a personalized demo?



Cold Email Template 7: Been On The Site Formula

This one’s relatively easy, as in this scenario, your targeted lead has already visited your website. Now, you just need to attract him/her to your product/service and score a response with your cold email.


Hi [First Name],

We noticed that you recently visited [your website] and [the action taken].

If you’re eager to know more about [content topic/product page visited] then here are some additional resources to help you out:

  • [resource 1]
  • [resource 2]

Our company also offers [product/service] which could help you [the targeted result].

When would you be free for a call at [date and time] to know more about our offers?



Cold Email Template 8: Sharing Valuable Resource(s)

Sometimes it's necessary to build trust rather than selling your idea right away with your email. That’s exactly what this technique of sharing valuable resource email does.

Share highly valuable and relevant resources with your lead while writing to your prospect. This strategy helps to portray yourself as an asset to your lead.


Hi [First Name],

I enjoyed your latest article on [site] and found it extremely insightful.

I thought I’d return the favor and help you with something valuable too. Look at this article on [article topic] that I thought would be beneficial to you.

Click here to check it out [link]!

I hope you and your team find it helpful. Keep up the awesome work!



Cold Email Template 9: Direct Approach

Let’s admit it. People are very busy. When you tailor your cold email by being as direct as you can, it might catch your lead’s attention instantly.

Firstly, start by introducing your product/idea. Then include social proof of how your product has worked for other big names in the industry. This will persuade your lead into believing your product’s credibility and trigger a response.


Hello [First Name],

I have a/an [product/idea] that can scale the business of [lead’s company name] and get your next 100 customers in no time.

I have recently used [product/idea] to help one of our clients [SaaS company/competitor] almost triple their monthly revenue and customers.

[First Name], if you’re interested in [your product/idea] let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can share the idea with you. What time works best for you?



Cold Email Template 10: Mentioning a Competitor's Product

This strategy can be used to attract a prospect who already uses a similar product. You draw their attention while explaining your Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

With this cold email template, show your lead why your product is a better choice for them rather than that of your competitors.


Hi [First Name],

I just stumbled upon your website and got to know that you are using [Your competitor’s product]. How is your experience using [competitor’s product name]?

I have a [product/service] just like [competitor’s product name], called [your product’s name].

What makes our [product/service] better is that [key differentiator and unique benefits]. If you’re interested in enhancing your experience with us, I would love to discuss with you how we could make [lead’s company] better.

Let me know the timing if you’re up for a quick call so that we can discuss this further.



While using these stellar cold email templates, you need to add a touch of personalization to make your outreach strategy effective.

While cold email templates are a great choice to ease your outreach strategy, you can streamline your outreach game even better by using OutreachBin as your helping hand. Boost up your cold email outreach by 200% with the help of our smart automated campaigns. Click here to register now!

Here are some follow-up templates that will come in handy in your next step.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these proven copywriting cold email formulas to persuade any type of audience and generate leads in no time!


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