11 Networking Email Subject Lines That Get Clicks

Networking email subject lines are important for drawing attention from your potential leads. Here are some examples of subject lines to get you started.
July 8, 2021
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11 Networking Email Subject Lines That Get Clicks
Networking Email Subject Lines
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We all know how important it is to build a relationship between you and your targeted audience for growing your business, earning authority, and race into becoming a brand. And like every other impressionable communication before the start of this relationship, in the genre of marketing, it is the networking email with some striking subject lines.

Networking is all about nurturing relationships and devoting time and effort to assisting them in growing and flourishing. To quickly form relations, you simply need to find the right people and take the right approach.

However, it's not an easy deal to nail the art of mailing to reach out to people you don't know and ask a favor. Thus your email strategy needs irresistible subject lines to garner your recipient's action.

Why Subject Lines Are Important?

Subject lines are strategically crafted, attention-grabbing sentences to get your audience to connect with you to just click an ad, continue reading your sales email, or yes, even watch your YouTube video! These are perhaps the first thing the prospect reads.

But to master up a compelling email subject line that stands out among a flood of other emails and gets your recipients to open and actually read your message. Now, that's a tough mission!

Studies have shown around 35% of email recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line alone while others just report it as spam. So to prevent your energy end up drowning in the pool of trash, the subject line is very essential.

Some Tips For Your Next Networking Email Subject Line

Since networking is an art, everyone has their own style. But still, some core fundamentals stand true for any networking email and work time & time again to boost open rates.

Personalization Is The Key

Most email marketers rely on the fact that personalization is the key to a successful outreach campaign. And to some extent it’s true.

Personalization drives connection. Your personalized subject lines can generate an average of 50% higher open rates than any regular subject lines. But to pass the sniff test careful research of your recipient's basic relevant information is very crucial to be specific and hold their attention.

Use Your Words Wisely

The networking email should be concise in nature to have your recipient a taste of freedom of choice. Overloading unnecessary value on the plate can make your audience feel pressurized. The length of your subject line should not be too short or too long.

According to some studies, subject lines containing 6-10 words have a 5% better open rate than those of 1-5 words.

Clarity Is More Important Than Creativity

Clear and concise subject lines received 617 percent more click-throughs than any other innovative lines.

Don't show a witty approach at first, go down politely and be yourself. It is very important to be polite and respectful, but it is also important to add a touch of your personality into your networking emails and subject lines. Just like a brand distinguishes a company from its rivals, your personality distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd.

Follow-up and Don’t Lose Hope

Finally, as this outreach is a long-term plan, when you don't hear back right away from everyone you reach out to, don't lose hope. Life happens. People get swamped.

But when the time comes, a year or two later, to reach out to a person, you can reach out with your original thread.

Mention your last meeting or discussion in the subject lines of your follow-up emails to jog their memory. In addition to that, here are some tips on how to write a quick follow-up email after no response.

So in a nutshell, a great subject line needs to communicate a promise of value, it needs to tell your recipients what they are going to benefit from these, it needs to build trust. But it needs to do it all in just a few words.

Thus, the subject line is the most important element of your email game. It's the pickup line, the page-turner. The networking email subject line would be just like the split-second first impression you give on your first date night, which determines how the rest of your night will go.

10 Eye-catching Networking Email Subject Lines For Your Next Prospect

1. Create Urgency:

Creating urgency is an undeniable way to compel any prospect to take action. Urgency implies that there's a short window of time for someone to act - increasing the likelihood that they will.

We are inherent procrastinators and, if given the choice, we'll always choose to put things off until later. This is why you should make them feel the urgency creatively and authentically that truly provides value to your recipients.

For example, you can be specific about an upcoming deadline and the benefits they receive just by responding now. The subject lines could be:

  • You have 1400 rewards points left to claim by May 5th
  • Your 50% off promo code expires in 72 hours
  • 48 hrs left to submit your application
  • Hurry up, (Name)! We only have 15 seats left for the workshop.

This is an effective way to boost your open rates. Here are some cold email subject lines that will boost your reply rates by 10 times.

2. Evoke Curiosity

Using mystery in your subject line creates an open loop, which triggers a strong urge to fill that gap of missing information in your recipient's mind.

  • Want to see what's in this bag?
  • What's in the store for you this week?
  • Grow by 10% by using this trick in stocks
  • Your life is about to change!
  • Crack the code to success in 2021!
  • Is your website getting this wrong?

One thing that should be kept in mind that not to be too mysterious from the point of obscurity. And make sure your email does provide information and closure. Or else your recipients will feel betrayed and you'll lose their trust.

3. Polarity Creates Popularity

This is a bit risky in this game but if your brand isn't afraid to push the envelope or question the norm, be BOLD!

Studies have shown new generations expect more authenticity and personality from brands they subscribe to. So sometimes it helps a lot to use controversy to polarize your audience.

  • Worst zodiac people...!
  • Fast fashion fanatics are the worst.

But make sure the controversy you cited has some consistency and credibility backing it up.

4. Get Personal

Think again if you believe a subject line doesn't provide you enough time and space to pack an emotional punch. One of the most effective ways to engage potential customers is to make an emotional connection with them. Even in the most basic of ways, eliciting an emotional resonance in your language is incredibly powerful. Personalization is one of the simplest ways to do this. Like adding the reader's first name to the subject line.

According to Optin Monster, addressing subscribers by their first name in the subject line can boost open rates by 10-14%.

For example, it will more likely to click on an email that says “X, you forgot these books in your cart.”

Compared to just, “Have you forgotten about your cart?”

And keep in mind that personalization is becoming more crucial in networking, and this extends far past the subject lines. Networking is no longer about just sending networking emails to everyone all over the internet.

The future of effective email marketing will be sending behavior-based emails in real-time to your subscribers, based on their specific actions, interests, and engagement habits.

So for example, if you know that the majority of your subscribers open your emails on mobile, use a subject line that creates a link between your email content and the activity or situation that your subscribers are most likely in and can identify with immediately.

For example,

Will, you put down your phone to save lives? (Personalize accordingly)

Smart segmentation of your email list is imperative and increasing personalization in your networking email across all channels can lead to a massive 500% increase in consumer spending.

Speaking to your reader's expectations, fantasies, and dreams by future pacing is another great way to build emotion in your subject lines. In other words, in a few words, assist the audience in visualizing what could be feasible for them very shortly. For example:

  • Unleash your inner skills!
  • Imagine yourself 2 years from today, (Name)!

5. Be Straightforward And Show Your Proposition:

Sometimes, simple and straightforward does the job best. There's a good chance that you're sending emails to a ton of potential customers who have inboxes filled to the brim with countless other messages from colleagues, companies, and family members vying for their attention. So, your email is more likely to be ignored.

This is why you need to cut it short. Give your prospect the answers to all the potential questions he/she might have in his/her mind. Such as:

These type of email may seem lowkey but they are practical and gets the job done.

6. Attach Case Studies

People love case studies for two reasons. Firstly, they provide proof that a technique or strategy actually works. Secondly, they usually offer step-by-step repeatable processes that your audience can follow to get the same results.

Thus, when you create a case study that shows a proven system that's gonna help your prospects, you will most likely to get succeed.

Outreach Campaign and Cold Emailing – 3 Case Studies with Stats and Growth Plan (Improvise according to your case study)

7. Using A Mutual Reference

Using the recipient's name to refer to the shared connection will help attract their attention.

  • This is Abdul from the last networking conference!
  • Delighted to meet you, Tom last night

8. Using Video:

People are naturally drawn to video because it's easy to digest. And it has a higher perceived value than written text does. Just add the word video at the very front of the subject line. Example:

Video: is your website ready for paid traffic??

Note that, your prospects will be looking for a video in such cases. Therefore, attach a video or a YouTube video link. Otherwise, your reputation and image can be damaged.

9. Show Exclusiveness

People love feeling that they are on the inside track of something whether that getting special deals crafted for them or insider info of some kind. They love to feel important. It just gives the. A sense of belonging that can really build loyalty & increase conversions down the road. Just using the right subject lines can make your subscribers feel special and the results can be significant enough to count for. For example:

  • 50% off on APEX APPARELS only for you!
  • Insider tips to getting your business run faster

11. Asking For Recommendations From Your Contacts

People do love to share their expertise. So when you ask little suggestions to them, they will feel important. And eventually, they'll be happy to help. So make efforts to ask your prospects for recommendations. Some examples:

  • Need your expertise in dissertation writing.
  • Can you recommend me some books?

These were the 11 ideas that you can use to write an eye-catching subject line. Use these examples to get the conversation going. First, determine the type of email you're sending and choose the method that works best. Then, incorporate a variety of these strategies into your next networking emails and messages.

Also, keep in mind that the first rule is to always concentrate on adding value. Clickbait subject lines can increase open rates in the short term, but they will harm your conversions in the long run.

To help you start writing your email body, here are 75+ ways to write the first line. Feel free to reach us out anytime and sign up now for FREE.


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