Your Guide on How to Write the Perfect Prospect Email (with Templates)

Despite what many digital marketers might say about email marketing, it is not a thing of the past. Today, email marketing alone generates a Return […]
August 29, 2022
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Your Guide on How to Write the Perfect Prospect Email (with Templates) cover

Despite what many digital marketers might say about email marketing, it is not a thing of the past. Today, email marketing alone generates a Return On Investment of up to 42% on a single dollar spent on each email. So, what's the catch?

Although email marketing, if done right, can generate considerable revenue, it still poses the risk of ending up in a customer's spam folder. And the reason is simple. With the rising popularity of email marketing, the number of emails received by consumers has reached an average of 147 per day. And only 24% of these emails ever get opened by your prospective leads. So, the window to success is significantly small. And thus, the increased need for an effective prospecting email resonates with your audience.

A prospect email is simply a sales pitch, the email you send to your audience in the hope of converting them into buying customers. Thus, much comes into the equation, such as researching your key prospects, personalizing your texts, establishing a clear subject line, and so much more. Write the perfect prospect email with OutreachBin and make your email marketing campaigns a resounding success.

So, keep on reading to learn more on,

What is a Prospect Email?

I like to think of email prospecting as an elevator pitch. So, you only have the time between pressing the elevator button and getting off on your designated floor to entice your customers with your sales pitch.

A prospect email works more like an ice breaker, the way for you to introduce your brand or services to your clients without having the word advertisement written all over it. So, unlike a cold email, you reach out to consumers who have already interacted with your brand through social media platforms or other mediums.

So, why is email prospecting so popular? Since the idea behind it is to identify your ideal leads and reach out to them through personalized emails, email outreach opens a new window for you to communicate with them on a deeper level. Moreover, it lets customers get acquainted with your products and services and increases brand awareness within your niche.

What Makes a Perfect Prospect Email? (5 simple tips on writing effectively)

Identify Your Niche for Your Prospect Email

The first step to creating a successful prospecting email starts with knowing your niche. While platforms like OutreachBin have consistently tried to facilitate the lead generation process for you, you still need to add relevant information within your email that would encourage your prospects to go further down the sales tunnel.

So, before you start creating your prospect email campaign, ask yourself the following questions,

  • Who are my targetted customers?
  • What do I know about them? (demographic and geographic characteristics, etc.)
  • How does your product or service add value to their lives?
  • Why should they opt for your services instead?

But how do you do this? Start by tracking their activities across different websites and social media platforms, and evaluate the language, theme, etc., incorporated within their system to entice consumers to their site. Once you have accumulated all the data, you can articulate your message in a manner that appeals to your target audience.

Create a Strong Subject Line for Your Prospect Email

Did you know that almost 69% of customers mark their emails as spam based on the subject line? That is why you must establish your email purpose right from the get-go.

Elevate your subject lines by considering the following points. It should-

  • Be within 50 characters to have a 12% higher chance of open rates and 75% more click-through rates.
  • Be short and at par with the rest of the information in the email body.
  • Pique the reader's interest.
  • Include the recipient's name to make the email more personal.

Establish Unique Selling Point (USP) in Your Prospect Email

Now comes the significant bit, 'What makes your product or service better than other market competitors?' This is the part where you talk about all the unique things your brand can bring to the table.

However, a recurring problem with many businesses is that they cannot effectively communicate their USP with their target audience. The first step to solving this particular issue is to evaluate your market competitors and identify how they have been addressing their leads to drive them to their respective sites. Once you gain clarity on how to highlight your unique features within your emails, you will be able to generate more leads than expected.

Incorporate Success Stories within Your Prospect Email

Today, 90% of consumers rely on online feedback and success stories to make a purchase. No wonder almost 34% of salespeople swear by success stories for boosting sales. So, why is that?

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that helps build brand loyalty- people like listening to and relying on others' stories because it allows them to see how others with similar issues have previously gained value from your services.

Send Your Prospect Email at the Right Time

Sending the right prospect email to the right recipients is just as important as sending it at the right time. The time at which your prospect receives an email goes a long way toward determining the open rate, click rate, subscription, and unsubscription rate.

The reasoning is simple. Remember those seemingly unwanted emails you would get in the middle of the night and immediately delete them? Then you would know why it is crucial for you to time your email based on time zone, work hours, days, and much more to avoid the risk of ending up in the spam folder.

The Top 6 Free Prospect Email Templates to Use Today

Offer a Solution

Compliment Them

Build on Common Interests

Send Congratulations

Show Interest

Follow Up

Generate Leads with OutreachBin in Under a Minute

The goal behind lead generation is to identify the customers that have previously interacted with your brand and carry an interest in your product and services and then to reach out to them using prospect emails as a medium. Sounds daunting? Because it is.

But however daunting the procedure might be, one cannot simply ignore the results it generates, a whopping 760% increase in revenue. And platforms like OutreachBin can help.

Who are we? We are a cold-email and email warm-up platform facilitating the entire lead generation process and allowing users to create email marketing campaigns from the ground up. Our goal is to help create personalized emails, automate mass emailing, and make lead generation quicker and more effective for you.

With a complete email analytics dashboard and cutting-edge technologies that generate leads in less than a minute, you have all your prospective leads at the tip of your fingers. Finding it hard to believe? Let me show you then.

  • First, when you enter the Dashboard of OutreachBin, you will see all the features displayed perfectly on the screen. From there, click on leads (at the top of the screen).
an image of the Dashboard of OutreachBin
  • Now, all that is left to do is click on the search leads button, and the platform will automatically generate leads in under a minute.
an image of the lead generation search page of OutreachBin
  • But what if you need to modify the filters? Not to worry because OutreachBin has you covered. At the left corner of your screen, you will see multiple filters such as job, years of experience, country, skills, interest, and much more.
an image of the lead generation page process of OutreachBin
  • Select the email IDs that tick all the boxes of your customer profile the best, and create your own personalized email prospecting list by clicking Add to my list and then name your list.
an image of the lead generation filters of OutreachBin
  • You can even download the list by purchasing credits. And with that, we can say that lead generation has never been this easy.

And how much time did that take you? Less than 10 minutes? OutreachBin supports many email providers, including Gmail, SendGrid, and Outlook, so that you have a bigger reach. And if that wasn't enough to sail your boat, with this tool you get,

  • CRM integrations
  • Automated lead generation
  • Prospect profile management
  • Email automation
  • Email warm-up and much more

All of this goes on to show how OutreachBin is a reliable source because not only can you create a prospecting list, you can even launch a campaign and send emails in bulk.

Key Takeaways

Reaching out to your clients with prospect emails can either make or break the deal for you. Plus, so much goes into establishing the perfect email outreach campaign.

Hence, OutreachBin is the single pitstop for your every email outreach needs. So, be it warming up your leads or creating a perfect prospect list, we have got your back.

Need I say more? Sign up now and make your email marketing game quicker.


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