Meeting Request Email: 5 Templates To Get Guaranteed Replies

Meeting request email is a well-structured and concise form of communication, especially for any formal or professional conference. It is mainly addressed to a specific prospect. With the help of this article, you can get a helping hand in order to create a strong impression on your next client.
July 1, 2021
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Meeting Request Email: 5 Templates To Get Guaranteed Replies
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Meeting request email is a well-structured and concise form of communication, especially for any formal or professional conference. It is mainly addressed to a specific client or prospect.

With this article, you will get a broad knowledge about meeting request email. So that you can get a helping hand in order to create a strong impression on your next client through the meeting request email.

Structuring A Business Meeting Request Email

Before going into a broad discussion, we have to first understand what it actually is. The term specifically implies reaching out to a prospect or fixing a formal session with them via phone, video conference, or even face to face - to discuss your company’s product and its relevance.

Perhaps this might be your first interaction with the clients. Hence, a concise and ideal meeting request email can create a bold impression on your prospect. Furthermore, a good impression can, later on, help you to boost up your sales and email marketing efficiently.

Regardless of your relationship with the prospects, there is a simple method to structure your meeting request email. It’s called the RAP method:

  • R - Reason for the writing
  • A - Action to be mentioned specifically
  • P - Professional end to the message

A few other fundamental elements that you must keep in mind before writing your next meeting request email are as follows:

1. Use simple words to articulate your message concisely.

2. Make sure the subject line is to the point and attention-grabbing. According to some reports, almost 47% of emails are opened based solely on their subject line.

Here are 60+ cold email subject line examples to get you started!

3. Next, make sure your mail is strong enough to convince the prospect. Do let them know how the session would benefit both of you mutually.

4. Lastly, conclude the mail by providing a couple of timeframe or location options after inquiring about the availability and location of the prospect.

Some Steps To Get Positive Responses

Pre-tips before sending a meeting request email:

At first, do some proper research on your prospect to make sure you are connecting with the right person for your job. Reports suggest that each year almost 27.3% of sales reps’ time is wasted due to inaccurate contact data.

Cross-check for spelling and grammar errors:

Revising the whole email before sending is a prerequisite in order to avoid any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Even a minor error can leave a negative impression on the clients' minds. Grammarly can be a useful site that can detect any spelling or grammatical error for free.

Follow up with your client:

Sometimes your prospect might miss out on your email due to personal reasons. There is nothing to worry about. Don’t take “no response” for an answer. Always keep in mind that 50% of the sales result only after the fifth follow-up.

Here are some templates to help you follow up with your next prospect.

Automate your array of outreach:

It's impossible to manually keep track if you are reaching out to hundreds of clients. For that reason, a tool like Outreachbin can surely come in handy to manage your email sequence.

Automation, when done right, can be your secret weapon in booking more conferences and meetings. Here are 4 email sequence examples that generate leads

Professional Meeting Request Email Templates

Perhaps, you are still skeptical about how to build up a standard meeting request email. We are sharing the best meeting request emails that will surely boost your email open rates and get responses. Check these out and find the best fit for you!

#1 Professional Cold Email

Dear Sam (name of the client),

I am (your name) as (your position) at (your company). We are adroit in (detail activities). Given that (name of your client’s company) is one of the market leaders within our niche, I believe a collaboration would mutually interest both of us. To be precise, you would benefit from being able to access our consulting team and our award-winning product suite.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you for a meeting at (location), at (proposed date and time), to have an elaborate discussion on the matter.

Feel free to suggest any time and location according to your convenience.

Kind regards,

(your name).

#2 Cold Email Showcasing Your Credentials

Hi (client’s first name),

I am (your name) and I am currently working with (your company’s name) which specializes in (what you do). We have built a client base ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies like (big-name prospects).

Unlike (other companies in your niche), we take a different approach to grow our company. We are fast-moving - and if we don't feel like we are the right one for you, we will tell you upfront.

Are you free to have a discussion at (time options) to talk through how we could help you with (prospect’s paint point)?

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

#3 Reaching out to someone you are acquainted with

Hi (prospect’s first name)!

We met at an event yesterday. I observed you were quite interested in some of the (your services) we offer.

Want to sit for a small meeting this week and discuss more?

Do let me when is a convenient time for you.


(Your name)

#4 Cold email for SaaS Companies

Hi (client’s first name),

Your company is showing some optimistic results in the (client’s industry) space.

I am mailing you because my company, (your company’s name), has assisted a lot of companies in similar states by:

  • (product benefit)
  • (product benefit)
  • (product benefit)

We have already worked with some renowned companies like (companies name) in the past. We would love to join hands with your company also.

It would be great to explore more about your business and examine whether we are a perfect fit for it or not. Could you please manage 30 mins from this week to talk?


(Your Name)

#5 Product Demo Request Email

Hi (prospect’s first name),

I am (your name) from (company’s name). We do (company specialty) for clients such as (client’s name).

Many growing companies are dependent on our service day in and day out to handle their (product area). By selecting us, they have enjoyed:

  • (Product Benefit)
  • (Product Benefit)
  • (Product Benefit)

We are currently offering 15-minutes demos. Would you like to schedule one? (Link to a scheduler)


(Your name)

Final Words

Setting up a meeting with your clients is a critical part of the sales process. Typing a meeting request email may look simple at the beginning. But to make sure your email stands out among other competitors requires good use of words and an eye-catching subject line.

But you must not forget that requesting a meeting is just the peak of an iceberg. You should also plan on how to initiate once the prospect agrees to have a meeting. Feel free to use any of the templates mentioned above and personalize them according to your needs.

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