Sales Follow-up Email: Tips and Templates To Close Any Deal Effectively

Following up with your prospects is a must if you want to close a deal. In order to skyrocket your sales, you need to send concise and effective sales follow-up emails that draw your prospect’s attention. This article will help you to write follow-up emails that get you responses from your prospects.
April 14, 2021
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Sales Follow-up Email: Tips and Templates To Close Any Deal Effectively
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Following up with your prospects is a must if you want to close a deal. Many marketers fail to do so.

In order to skyrocket your sales, you need to send concise and effective sales follow-up emails that draw your prospect’s attention. This article will help you to write follow-up emails that get you responses from your prospects.

7 Tips For Your Next Sales Follow-up Email

According to research by Marketing Donut, 80% of potential deals are lost simply due to the lack of follow-up.

It also shows that at least FIVE follow-up emails are required to close a deal after the initial approach.

So, a sales follow-up email is very important for your business. Keep these in your mind while writing your next follow-up email.

  1. Begin with a compelling subject line that attracts attention instantly.
  2. Send an unforgettable and personalized proposal.
  3. Your follow-up email should be succinct and relevant but not intimidating.
  4. Maintain a clear cadence while following up with each prospect.
  5. Concentrate on the value you can offer your prospects.
  6. Incorporate personalization or areas of interest that the prospect previously mentioned.
  7. Look for ways to naturally follow-up after an occurrence or trigger.

Last but not the least, keep following-up with your prospects and don’t give up. If you surrender before the fifth and most important follow-up, you will lose the majority of your sales potential.

The trick is to find a fine balance between writing attention-grabbing follow-up emails and making your prospect mad with unnecessary emails.

But when to send a follow-up email?

Timing is Key

Timing while following-up with your prospects is very important. One of the most frequently asked questions about following-up is: “How long should we wait before sending follow-up emails?

This actually depends on your targets. There is no correct answer. But you should send according to the time zone of your prospects. Usually, the safest option is to wait at least three to four days before sending the follow-up emails.

The interesting part is, you can easily automate these emails and format your follow-up emails according to your needs using any automated tools like OutReachBin.

Sales Follow-up Email Settings

You can schedule your follow-up emails beforehand as well as set time zones according to your potential clients.

9 Sales Follow-up Email Templates

We are sharing 9 follow-up email templates that you can use to boost your sales process and when to send them.

1. Following-up After First Meeting

Following your first sales call or meeting with a prospective client. Use this email to establish a positive relationship and create momentum to move the sale forward.

Subject: Ready to take the discussion forward?

Hi [name],

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your time. Moreover, I wanted to know how you’d like to proceed from here.

Are you ready for [next step]?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



2. Following-up After A Trigger Event

Whenever a trigger event occurs, you can follow-up with your prospect. If you find a prospect re-opening your email or proposal you offered, you should try to follow up with them. You can use Google Extensions like MailTracker, Unlimited Email Tracker, etc.

Subject: Let’s take another look, [name]

Last time we had a conversation, you requested that I get back in touch in April. I figured it’d be worth checking-in although I might be a month early.

Have you given my proposition any further thought? I'd be happy to give do a simple and quick review over the phone and answer any lingering questions.

Let's catch up later this week. How does that sound to you?



3. Following-up After Demo

While your prospect is still thinking about your offer that you showed during a demo, follow-up quickly to get his/her view on it.

Subject: One more thing

Hey [NAME],

Thank you for your giving me your precious time today. Here’s a short rundown of the key points we discussed:

  • 1st point
  • 2nd point
  • 3rd point

Do you have any concerns about what our solution can do for [Client’s Company]? When would be a good time to talk about this over the phone?



4. Following-up After Sales Meeting

Following a sales meeting with a new prospect who needs some days to think it through or an added opportunity to commit. If they actually demanded a custom solution or you are going above and beyond to obtain them a specific deal, this template helps you to re-open the discussion on a very brighter note.

Subject: Looks like we are good to go!

Hey, [Name]!

I’m writing to say thanks for giving me the chance to get in contact with you and to deliver some great news.

I checked in with my [supervisor/boss] and they would be happy to arrange [desired request].

Please let me know how you would like to move forward. Thank you in advance.



5. Following-up After Leaving A Voicemail

As soon as you get off the phone leaving a voicemail, follow-up with an email. This will help you to optimize the effect of your follow-up.

Subject: Is there a better time to talk?

Hello [Name],

I tried calling, but I'm guessing you're busy right now. I'm aware of how busy you are.

Please feel free to call me back at [number] or respond here when you have a moment to let me know if there is a better time for me to call you.

I hope to speak with you soon.



6. Following-up When You Have Sent Emails To A Wrong Contact

If you notice that the person you're speaking with lacks purchasing power or seems unable to commit to a deal without first consulting with a colleague, use the following template.

Subject: Can you help me set up?

Hi, [Name]!

I contacted you about [company/product] a few days ago, and it occurred to me afterward that I might have fallen short.

Are you the right person to talk this about? If not, could you please refer me to the relevant person?

Thanks for your help.


7. Following-up After A Conference/Networking Event

Use this template to contact prospects that you met at a business conference or networking event. It serves the dual purpose of reminding the receiver of who you are and what your company provides, as well as determining their level of commitment to make a purchase in the coming days.

Subject: Glad we crossed paths today, [name]

Hi [Name],

It was great talking to you at [Event Name] on [Date].

I was thinking about what you said about [pain point] and thought you would be interested in this case study about how we supported a similar company in achieving [goal] in [timeframe]: [relevant article or case study].

I would love to further discuss how we can make this work for you. Are you available to talk over the phone on [Date] at [Time A], [Time B], or [Time C]?

Looking forward to your reply.



8. Following-up After Multiple Follow-ups

Just because you follow up with a potential customer once does not guarantee that they will answer. But that doesn't imply you should surrender. Sending more follow-up emails that are quick, brief, and useful — in circumstances where you believe it would be worthwhile — might just get you the reply you're looking for. When it comes to a sales follow-up email, persistence always pays off.

Subject: Still hoping to get in touch

Hello [Name],

I apologize for not being able to reach you recently. When we last spoke, you seemed really interested in [product/service].

I understand that you are very busy, but I will be happy to arrange a call with you at any time that is convenient for you – even if it is beyond office hours.

I apologize for bothering you, however, I would appreciate some hint of your decision in either way.

Thank you so much.


9. Break-up Email

When you’re following-up with your prospect, you should remember that to close a sales deal, multiple follow-ups are required.

However, use the following template if you’ve already followed-up five or more times and haven’t received a response.

Subject: Should I close your file?

Hey, [Name]!

I'm in the process of cleaning out my sales pipeline and wanted to let you know that you're on my drop list.

Do I have your permission to permanently close your file if you are no longer interested?

If you're still interested, what are your plans for the next step?



Boost Your Sales Follow-up Email

Sending a sales follow-up email may be the key to finalizing and closing a big contract. So, focus on your situation, pick a template, and start sending sales follow-up emails to your prospects to maximize engagement and sales.

If you are not getting responses, here’s why. The key to success in the case of a sales follow-up email is perseverance. Don’t just give up.

You can automate your sales follow-up emails using OutReachBin campaigns. For further assistance, feel free to reach us out at [email protected].


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