What Is A Continuous Warm-Up And Why Does It Matter?

December 25, 2021

    We know how excited you feel right after opening a business email account. You cannot just wait to send out those perfectly crafted emails to your target audience. But, you have to wait before hitting the send button. A lot needs to be done yet. One of these is email warm-up.

    Why are we saying this?

    Well, whenever you check out your spam folder, don't you find it filled with emails from your known and unknown contacts?

    What Is A Continuous Warm-Up And Why Does It Matter?

    When the domain reputation is not valid, they land in the recipients’ spam folder.

    As a digital marketer, you cannot afford any validity issues with your sender's reputation.

    That's where continuous warmup enters the picture.

    Continuous warm-up ensures that your emails land in your recipients' inbox. Otherwise, your emails have to rot in the spam folder.


    • Landing in a spam box can cause you a lot.
    • Even perfectly crafted emails can land in a spam box if ISPs recognize your domain as unauthenticated.
    • Practising continuous warm-ups is a must for fresh domain owners.
    • The practice of warming up your domain will let you experience elevated open rates.
    • ISPs authenticate domains by setting three parameters.
    • Maintaining the frequency of sending emails is essential.
    • You should wait a minimum of 12 weeks before sending out bulk emails with new domains.

    Why Is Continuous Warm-Up So Important?

    Businesses claim that spam emails cost them a whopping 20.5 billion USD per year.

    Just imagine, can you afford such a huge loss?

    When your email lands in spam, it denotes that it has been recognized as an unauthorized one. Do you think it's healthy for your business email account? Obviously not!

    Your emails can be perfectly crafted, but the sad truth is, the internet does not give a damn.

    Why? Because ISPs are always alert to save the users from the spammers. ISPs have their standard to treat all users equally.

    Hence, if, by any chance, your domain gets marked as spam, you can never restore that reputation.

    Did it already get on your wick?

    But every problem comes with its solution; hence this is no exception.

    The only solution is to practice continuous warm-ups to increase your domain reputation.

    Still not convinced to practice continuous warm-up?

    Here we present some more reasons.

    Prevents From The Slow Descent Of Deliverability

    The lack of consistency in engagement might result in the slow death of your domain. With the passage of time, domains and email addresses experience a hard time in maintaining the deliverability metrics as before.

    What Is A Continuous Warm-Up And Why Does It Matter?

    In such cases, if you do not practice continuous warm-up, your domain reputation will decline.

    Lets You Extend The Inevitable

    Always warming up your inbox means maintaining a positive engagement with your audience. To do so, you will need to sync an efficient warm-up tool like OutReachBin to your inbox. From engaging in positive inbox behavior to maintaining your domain's reputation and deliverability rate, it will do the business for you.

    Increases Open Rates Significantly

    Continuous warm-up can increase your open rates up to 30%. But how, you might ask. Well, when there's a significant growth in your domain reputation, your open rates are bound to grow.

    Through OutReachBin, you can maintain consistent activity and build critical connections. OutReachBin will let you experience real-time analytics and detailed reports with statistics to monitor your progress.

    Keep Tabs on Blocklists

    You obviously don't want your domain blocklisted, right? That's why you need to know when you appear blocklisted.

    OutReachBin will contribute to advancing your delivery rates while you will also be notified if your domain is on a harmful blocklist.

    Your domain reputation is kind of a certificate for you to your audience. Therefore, it's essential that your domain reputation is good to ensure your emails aren't landing in spam folders.

    How To Warm-Up Your Email Account?

    What Is A Continuous Warm-Up And Why Does It Matter?

    Step-1: Authenticate your email account

    Before you authenticate your email account, you need to have an email account to specify your domain.

    Additionally, only ISP can approve your domain by setting it to three parameters. The parameters are SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

    verify email account
    Source: https://community.shopify.com/

    The parameters bear great significance. They are a certification of your email being sent by you. In other words, it implies that the email sent from your domain is not altered.

    The parameters are interchangeable if required. Some free tools are available out there to change them.

    Step-2: Begin your email warmup process

    Every step you take in marketing has its consequences. Hence, do not be impulsive in sending tons of emails right after opening your business email account. Trust me; your account will not bear this much pressure.

    The process has to be a gradual one. Let's assume you have sent five emails to valid email IDs. Some of them will be opened. You might get one reply from those.

    You again send ten emails to valid email IDs on the following day. You keep repeating this. Slowly you increase the number of your emails every day.

    No wonder it's a lengthy process that has to be repeated every day to authenticate your email account. This might take months to accumulate your domain reputation.

    We understand that this is tedious and time-consuming. That's why OutReachBin is here. Make this process automated by signing up to OutReachBin.

    You will achieve success in your email warm-up campaign in only three steps.

    1. Sign up to OutReachBin and connect your email account.
    2. Build your email campaign
    3. Watch spam rate descending in your dashboard and chill!

    Once you sign up, the responsibility is to maintain positive engagement from your email account. Consequently, the authentication will be done, and your emails will land in the recipients' primary inbox.

    We work with email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, SendGrid to make their users stay out of spam folders.

    Step-3: Craft your first email

    The way you craft your email has a lot to do in ascending or descending your spam rates. Didn't get it?

    Well, let me break it out for you.

    While writing emails, you might require attaching URLs. If you use that exact URL, that might ascend your spam rates. Instead, you need an anchor text to insert your link.

    Uses of certain words and fonts can trigger spam. They might make your email sound manipulative and creepy.

    Your marketing email intends to tempt their needs and make them your customers gradually.

    It becomes problematic when you are not a professional writer, especially when cold emailing your clients.

    Step-4: Maintain an ideal time-lapse while sending emails

    The number of sending emails and the timing of sending emails is essential. You might have a thousand audience, but you have set numbers while warming up your email.

    You don't have to repeat this gradual process always. Once your email warmup is done, you can send emails regularly.

    time lapse while sending mail
    Source: https://help.hiverhq.com/

    Automation tools like OutReachBin will enhance your workflow by taking care of your email account's domain reputation seriously.

    However, the time you choose to send out your emails and the frequency impacts your domain reputation as well.

    According to data, the timing of sending emails might ruin the efforts behind your email marketing. For example, if you happen to send your emails during Saturdays or Sundays, or evening hours when the professionals are heading back home, your open rates will start descending.

    Step-5: Set up your email campaign

    Now you are all set to launch your first email warmup campaign. If you follow the steps accordingly, you will see your expectations exceeding. Because when your email account is warmed up, your deliverability rates will get better.

    Although the process is lengthy, you will get your desired result, and it will be worth it.

    Step-6: Run a test campaign with your email automation tool

    It is the most crucial step that many marketers miss while warming up their email domain.

    Sending emails manually to your close acquaintances lets you comprehend the impact with a brand new domain for outreach along with minimizing the risks of landing in spam.

    Professional email automation tools like OutReachBin will send strategic, event-triggered, and time-sensitive emails.

    Furthermore, after a certain time, you will understand if you can achieve your marketing goals following the strategy you are applying.

    Step-7: Keep an eye on your spam rate

    The final yet most significant step is to keep track of your stats. Your spam rate should be as low as possible.

    spam rate
    Source: https://customer.io/

    An efficient tool like OutReachBin will give you insights on your dashboard while making you aware of your email warmup campaign situation.

    Wrap Up

    The warmup is not a one-time thing; it's a continuous process. Consistency will bring continued success to your overall email marketing campaign.

    Get started with OutReachBin today!

    Article written by Esrat S.
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