Top 6 Cold Email Outreach Software For 2022

January 14, 2022

    In this modern era of business growth, the necessity of cold email is immense if you want to expand your business in a productive way. If you have a handful of cold emails to send per day then a properly customized email will be sufficient for you, but what if you will have to send 500 cold emails each day? It will be really hectic to manage everything on your own, right?

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    But a good cold email outreach tool can help you organize all your cold emails efficiently. Through this article, you will be able to know about all of the best cold email outreach tools.

    This article will give you all the details explaining the features of cold email software available in the market so that you can easily find the best one suitable for sales works, public relationships, link building, and many other campaigns.

    Now let's dive straight into the best options available in the market.

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    What Is A Cold Email?

    Cold emailing is kind of similar to cold calling because it is used to outreach emails to the people you haven’t interacted with till now. You will try to reach out to potential customers and see whether they are interested in your products or services.

    A well-organized cold email will attract more customers rather than push them away. The emails should be crafted in such a way so that customers’ attention can be grabbed. You should always add necessary information and details about your product or services in the emails.

    Benefits Of Cold Email Outreach

    With proper cold email outreach, you will be able to send and receive a cold email from your target audience within a matter of minutes. Your time will be saved, thus you will be able to invest your time to expand your business more, leaving these clumsy works to the best tools.

    Is Sending A Cold Email Legal?

    Actually, it differs from region to region. Some countries have strict legislation regarding cold emailing and spam emails. Such as in the United States sending a cold email is absolutely legal, you can easily send emails to unknown users for your business purpose. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has very subtle spam laws under the CAN-SPAM act so cold emailing is legal in the United States.

    Besides, cold emailing is also legal in the European Union under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with some specific rules just like the United States. There are some general rules for this, such as-

    • Recipients should have options to opt-out and unsubscribe
    • They need to mention how they got the information of that user and why they are reaching out to him
    • Recipients need to provide accurate contact details always, this is a must
    • They need to identify if there is any advertising in the email
    • Recipients can never use contacts listed that they will get from various websites crawling bots illegally

    If you fail to follow all of these rules then you will be charged with a big amount of fines exceeding 20 million Euros in the European Union and $43,000 in the United States.

    Which One Is Better? Cold Emailing Or Cold Calling?

    Cold emailing is way better than cold calling, here is why- cold emailing will give you more time to select and prepare the right words to beautify your email so that you will be able to attract customers more. With suitable software, you will get a good grab over a handful of potential customers.

    But in the case of cold calling, you will have to spend a lot of time looking for targeted customers and going through a lot of phone numbers manually. Also, you will have to have individual conversations with people by judging whether they will be a good fit or not. So this whole process is way more time-consuming than cold emailing. Besides, you will have to be ready to answer the right thing, so kinda risky too.

    6 Best Cold Email Outreach Software

    1. OutReachBin

    OutReachBin is one of the best cold mailing software available in the present market. It allows any business entity to manage their cold email efficiently to attract more and more customers. This will automate your prospecting lists, sequences, follow-ups and organize each and every detail of your email precisely.

    Using this software you can easily boost up revenue with personalization according to your need. It will help you manage cold email that is listed by clients by engaging them in conversation. This is extremely easy to use so it will be the best option and also its security system is also top-notch. It will keep all of your domain and email inboxes safe and sound.

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    Source: OutReachBin

    This cold email is best for Sales professionals, recruiters, content marketers, small businesses, founders, entrepreneurs, agencies as well as good for earning leads.

    It has the most exciting features. Using this you can easily convert all of your cold calls into productive customers. Not only this, you can send unlimited emails to your targeted customers. Besides, if you run OutReachBin Email Warm-Up regularly then it will ensure that your emails always reach the inbox. Also, there is an option which is a cold email warm-up process that will make unlimited peer-to-peer connections and create a network.

    There is an automated sales funnel option that will automate and track your emails, replies, follow-ups, clicks, opens and thus will make your campaign successful and generate a fortune.

    There are tons of features to personalize your emails with hundreds of templates, making each recipient more special. Besides, their super affordability feature has made them more popular in the present market.

    2. Hubspot

    Hubspot is one the renowned email marketing software existing in the market in present times. The reason is pretty simple; it gives you features of several highly robust software or you can say “hubs” which will meet your other daily operational needs.

    If you are looking for cold emailing software for sales purposes, then Hubspot sales Hub is one of the best. It is considered to be the most polished software with a ton of lucrative features. Its features include various email templates, call recordings, document management, and tracking and email tracking, and many more.

    Besides this software has email automation, appointment, and meeting scheduler option so it already reduces a wholesome amount of workload from your hand. Besides, there is an option of adding live chat to your website.

    This software has become one of the industry’s most used go-to tools because it has an extensive platform of offerings to a business entity. This software will not only create a platform for your emails but will also create a sort of Hubspot ecosystem allowing you to make connections between your departments of sales, marketing, and customer service. So it’s basically an all-in-one software.

    So it will be the best option for a good choice of sales teams and those who want cross-department communications. It has a wide range of mentionable features such as automated emails, email templates, call recording options, conversation intelligence, document management, and tracking, appointment, meeting schedule as well as a live chat option.

    3. Mailshake

    Mailshake is another best option for cold emailing. You can send personalized emails with various lucrative mail merge features, alongside scheduling follow-up emails based on whether the recipient opens or closes that email, replies, or even if he clicks any link-all of these can be done straight from your Mailshake Dashboard with lead catcher.

    This software will allow you to AB test for best subject lines, body, sequences based on your reply rate, click rate, open rate, and conversion rate. You can also manually set the amount of time between follow-ups and also the time to spend those.

    You can also incorporate Linkedin or other mediums in your campaigns. Also due to the auto-generated integration of Mailshake, you can sort out your responses effortlessly which leads in your CRM, and also add emails from various email finder tools.

    Features like split testing, phone dialer, automatic outreach email sequences, lead catcher, outreach in social media, email finder tools, integration with Linkedin, CRMs and other tools and mediums, unsubscribe option, and much more.

    4. Salesloft

    Salesloft is one of the best options for larger sales teams. Its features are more manageable than its competitors. They have five different kinds of products. They are- Dialer + Messenger, Cadence + automation, Conversations, deals, and Analytics + Reporting.

    Each of them has different kinds of options and features. such as Cadence + Automation is used mainly for automated outreach and follow-up in a broader sense.

    It will arrange all of your cold emails under specific sales sequences. And it also syncs all of your data to your CRM.

    Similarly, Data + Messenger allows all of your sales representatives to chat and access phone calls at a time. This will help you go through call lists easily without any hazards. On the other hand, conversations will give you the best suggestions for coaches which you will be able to optimize your team’s performance.

    The best features of this software are omnichannel outreach, sequence automation, analytics, phone dialer and messenger, analytics, team-centric tools, Real-time coaching tools, and many more.

    5. Woodpecker

    Among all other cold emailing software, Woodpecker has earned its fame because of its incorporation of “AI Assistant” alongside multisided sales communications. The main motto of this software is to serve quality sales, recruitment, and lead gen.

    The main reason why woodpecker is different from other software is that it focuses mostly on security and bypassing spam filters. This software automatically detects duplicates, monitors bounces, blacklists emails, bypass spam filters, and reduces your workload. Besides, you will also be able to send automated emails, follow-ups, and schedules.

    The most lucrative features of this software are- sequence automation of emails, spam filter bypass features, capability to handle multi-channel work, Bounce Monitoring, email blacklisting, CRM integration, and many more.

    6. is another best option for you because it has an amalgamated prospecting and cold email automation system which allows users to manage their cold emails efficiently. It provides the best facilities for a cold email and also a follow-up sending option. You will have to add all your contact databases or select the ready list that you have already created.

    Besides, there is another exciting option- you can absolutely set up an automated campaign with this software and can run the campaign in the background while you are working with other business clients.

    The mentionable features are- you can easily search and verify IDs of your targeted prospects, you can customize your email on your own though there are hundreds of customized templates in it, and create drip sequenced personalized campaigns. You can also track bonus rates and out-of-office responses, so it is an all-in-one package.

    This software easily works well with Gmail and Outlook. Besides, you can make various powerful integrations with HubSpot CRM and Salesforce. It has a chrome extension option that will help you navigate your targeted audience effortlessly.

    Final Words

    Cold Email Outreach Software has become a part of daily life for a major portion of entities because cold emails are quite popular nowadays among SaaS spaces. Cold email marketing strategies are key to most of the sales campaigns in the world. So choosing the right software for your business is really important if you want to generate a good amount of fortune. Nowadays almost all cold email software comes with a free trial option, this allows users the option to test run before selecting the best one for them. So you can easily pick the best one for you!

    Looking for a cold email outreach tool for your business? OutReachBin is very popular in the market now and it might be the best option for you. Schedule a demo today to set up automation campaigns and multi-step sequences and send emails based on established timelines or triggers.

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