The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Email Marketing in 2022

October 25, 2021

    The holiday season is here, and with it comes an abundance of opportunities for marketers like yourself to boost holiday sales, maximize revenue and close this year out with a bang! The best way to get started is by constructing an amazing holiday email marketing campaign that will not only boost sales but also build your brand.

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    We’ve compiled a list of strategies and tips that will help you learn how to generate great content for your email marketing campaign.

    So, if you’re curious as to how you can make the most of the joyous holiday season by establishing relationships with your customers and growing your business, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Why Holiday Email Marketing Is Effective

    All marketing channels come with a myriad of advantages. However, amongst them, email is particularly suited for holiday sales promotion.

    Email is an inexpensive yet effective way to engage with your audience by sending them targeted, personalized information that promotes and excites them. It's excellent for content delivery, promotions, customer relations, and brand development.

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    Email marketing gives you a lot of options for reaching out to your subscribers with personalized messages that will make them excited for the holidays. It may also aid in the acquisition of new leads by subtly urging them to consider your business for their holiday shopping requirements.

    Moreover, COVID-19 has drastically altered consumer behavior trends, and this in turn has enhanced email marketing’s status as the finest holiday marketing tool.

    Here are a few reasons that show why holiday email marketing is as effective as it is made out to be:

    • Emails offer immediate buying options.
    • Emails can be personalized.
    • Emails are perfect for Smartphone Shopping.

    Emails Offer Immediate Buying Options

    Consumers will typically opt for discounts during the holiday season. This is supported by a study conducted in 2020 which showed that 71% of consumers had planned to complete their holiday shopping spree before December 15 last year.

    Email marketing is the perfect medium for advertising such bargains and “quick buys”. Instant purchase alternatives are available via email, with businesses able to include links that direct readers to their shopping cart.

    Emails Can Be Personalized

    In contrast to social media and advertising, email marketing is one of the few marketing platforms that allows for extensive personalization. If you want to reap the benefits of having a personalized approach to holiday marketing, you should look no further than emails.

    Emails Are Perfect For Smartphone Shopping

    Mobile shopping is on the rise. A study forecasted that m-commerce sales will likely reach $3.56 trillion in 2021 - approximately 22.3% more than the previous year. Moreover, Forbes reported that by 2022, mobile shopping is likely to grow by 68%.

    Statistics aside, this rise in the m-commerce sphere can be attributed to the shopping experiences provided on smartphone-centric social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

    Email is the perfect tool for consumers who opt to go shopping via their mobile devices. According to recent mobile email usage data, the average number of active email accounts per person is 1.75, with that figure expected to rise to 1.86 by 2022.

    Converting an email lead to a sale is rather simple with the use of intricately crafted sales email templates. Consumers are one click away from starting their holiday shopping sprees from their phones.

    Overall, the holidays can be very profitable, and holiday email marketing may help you close out the year strong.

    Why You Need To Create A Holiday Email Marketing Schedule

    The first step in forming a comprehensive holiday email marketing campaign is to ensure that you’ve created a schedule for all the holidays through which you would like to engage with your customer.

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    For example, let us assume that your business is based in the US and most of your customers are too. In that case, here are some important holiday dates you should remember:

    • Thanksgiving.
    • Black Friday.
    • Halloween.
    • Hannukah.
    • Cyber Monday.
    • Christmas Eve.
    • Christmas Day.
    • New Year’s Eve.

    To guarantee that your holiday emails get in the inbox rather than the spam bin, schedule your email sending properly.

    Moreover, creating a schedule gives you a headstart. It lets you be mindful of all the upcoming festivities and lets you plan accordingly.

    Given how competitive the market is, with more and more businesses vying to catch the attention of holiday shoppers, you must try to stay ahead of the curve. The best way of doing that is by being organized.

    Strategies For Holiday Email Marketing

    Set Specific Goals

    The goals you set for your holiday email marketing campaign will set highlight your mission.

    As a result, it's critical to be as precise as possible while establishing them. Consider your campaign's overarching goal: whether you want to improve click-through or conversion rates, increase open rates, or market a special holiday offer.

    After you’ve defined your objective, break them down into digestible bites.

    It will be much easier to organize your campaign to achieve those goals and then analyze your outcomes to determine how effective it was if you have clear and quantifiable targets.

    For instance, if you want to see an increase in the traffic for a particular page, set the goal to increase the percentage of traffic by a specific amount in a specific number of days (13% increase in the next 7 days).

    However, no two campaigns are similar. So set goals that are applicable and vital to your company.

    Make It Easier For Your Customers

    Customers are busy over the holidays, therefore convenience is crucial. Furthermore, excitement encourages buyers to buy. It's critical to communicate your marketing in a fun way

    Consider using links in your promotional emails that drive customers to landing pages and items that are only available for a short period.

    This simplifies the buying process while also delighting your consumers over the Christmas season.

    The Right Place, At The Right Time

    With the number of promotional offers and a constant stream of information overload, customers have never been more distracted. Therefore it's crucial to interact with them while they're paying attention.

    Learn when your customers are most engaged and which emails have the greatest open and click-through rates by digging into your customer insights and data.

    Determine what similar traits those emails share, whether it's the time of day the emails are sent or the general message they contain. Afterward, deliver targeted marketing content based on that information.

    Keep An Eye On Key KPIs

    Mark down the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are significant and relevant to your campaign and pay attention to them.

    The most typical metrics to track in email marketing are open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and bounce rates. These should always be monitored to see how well your message is being received by your email list and how readers react to your innovation.

    However, there will very certainly be extra numbers for your holiday email marketing campaign that goes beyond the typical email marketing KPIs you want to track.

    You might promote a product you sell exclusively during the holidays or give a special discount code on your website. Here, your KPIs to track could be the number of visits to your exclusive holiday product section, the number of sales generated from these visits, and the number of times the discount code was used for each of these sales.

    Make sure that the outcomes of each of your offers are well tracked so that you can evaluate the campaign's performance once it's finished.

    Evaluate Past Results

    As mentioned above, dig into your historical data from prior holiday campaigns to put things in perspective and find ideas for creating reasonable and achievable goals. Examine how your performance changed in the months before the holidays to get a sense of what type of KPI changes to anticipate.

    This may be accomplished by establishing benchmarks. Benchmarks allow you to quickly compare the outcomes of previous campaigns and provide useful information for setting new targets and determining how the holidays impact your performance.

    Identifying your goals is essential for understanding the general purpose of your campaign - selecting which KPIs to measure, assessing them, and learning from the outcomes. It's an important stage in developing a good email campaign, so take your time and think about it.

    How To Optimize Email Campaigns For Holidays

    Email marketing has evolved and it can no longer be brushed off. To make sure your campaigns are successful, think about your target demographic, your objectives, and your potential return on investment (ROI). You must also keep track of these results to enhance each campaign.

    Take the time to evaluate and refresh these three important holiday email templates as your content marketing team prepares for the holiday season:

    Welcome Emails

    Welcome emails have higher open rates than their counterparts. This makes it a crucial tool for your holiday email marketing campaign.

    For instance, an email with "season's greetings" helps you establish a personal connection with your customer, which influences how long you retain their loyalty.

    You may also use them to entice consumers back to your eCommerce business by reminding them about product updates, new programs, special deals, and suggestions.

    Furthermore, when your consumers read your emails, it tells their email service provider that you're a welcome sender who won't land up in the spam folder.

    Here are a few tips you may use to improve the quality of your welcome emails:

    • Send it right after they’ve made their first purchase. This helps make you look humble, which in turn makes them want to maintain their business relationship with you.
    • Your welcome email has to be unique. A nice, high-quality logo attached to your email will make sure your customers remember you.
    • Try to engage with your customers through your welcome email. Begin with something subtle. For instance, recommending complementary products associated with their purchase with a link that redirects them to your website.
    • Give your customers something to look forward to. This may include special offers, promo codes, discounts, etc.
    • Try to give your customers to see how long their product will take to arrive. This is important, especially during the holiday season when people are anxious about their online purchases. Try to do this by giving them tracked shipping & real-time updates.

    Promotional Emails

    Let your customers know what they can expect to see during the holiday season - especially what type of promotional offers you will be providing.

    You can include the following in the promotional emails you send to your customers:

    • Details in regards to your customer care services.
    • Shipping Information that includes the sum total customers will have to pay.
    • Additional services such as gift cards or gift wrapping.

    Final Thoughts

    We've given you methods, ideas, and a few pointers that will undoubtedly aid you in your holiday email marketing campaign. It will enable you to design unique and enticing campaigns that will help your company grow.

    So start preparing your email marketing ahead of time using these suggestions and your expertise as a skilled marketer, and you'll have a terrific holiday email marketing season.

    Happy Holidays!

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