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OutReachBin’s Role Campaigns At A Glance

Monsy is using OutReachBin for a year now. They started using it with the goal to reach a mass number of people in a short time. Monsy's success from using Outreachbin is attested by the revenue they have generated and the number of clients they have closed.



4 Million USD

Monsy has closed over 138 clients and have generated revenue of over 4 Million USD. They have carried out 8 successful campaigns with OutReachBin and have made significant progress in terms of clients closed. Monsy used the same campaign copy for all 8 email campaigns simultaneously to reach a lot of potential prospects in a short span of time. The results demonstrate that they were successful with this strategy.

About Monsy.com

Monsy is a push notification platform that is dedicated to connecting people to multiple ad providers and distributing push notifications across their channels. It provides services that can support hundreds of millions of push notifications in a single day, regardless of the subscribers or campaigns. Companies use Monsy as an ad arbitrage platform. They buy ads and push those to their target customers via push notifications using Monsy. So, if you want a platform to run for push notifications on your custom apps, websites, etc. you have the right platform behind you.
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The Most Successful Campaign -Why Was This Successful?

Throughout the campaigns, Monsy has had successful outcomes where their number of clients closed increased over time. Out of the 8 campaigns they simultaneously ran on OutreachBin- for one campaign, they closed 54 clients. In another campaign, the number of clients closed increased to 97. Over time, the number kept increasing, as we can see in the last campaign alone, 138 clients were closed. The numbers demonstrate that their clients and the revenue they are generating have seen a significant increase over time with OutReachBin.

Total Campaigns - 8

No. of clients increased overtime

No. of clients increased overtime

No. of clients increased overtime

As we mentioned earlier, Monsy is a push notification service provider that connects people to multiple ad providers and distributes push notifications across their channels.  Monsy provided OutreachBin with relevant information such as their campaign goals, offerings, and ICP. Using this information, the team at Outreachbin came up with an appropriate prospect list and variations of email copy that would sell. The Outreachbin team also, set up, connected and warmed up the email accounts involved in the campaign. Meanwhile, the Monsy team sat back, and watched the results trickle in through weekly updates from the OutreachBin team, scheduled meetings and closed clients. 

Challenges faced by the company

For push notification platforms, there are tons of challenges from the start to the end of the journey. But, the issue Monsy was generally battling with was trouble reaching out to many people at once. They were having difficulties with:
Building Credibility
Strengthening customerrelationships
Analyzing StrategicInsights
Reaching People OnAny Device
Getting ImmediateResults
However, finding a creative and effective solution for these problems can create interesting outcomes. Monsy was looking for a solution where they can confront and solve these problems with efficiency to elevate their marketing strategy, get exposure to many people with no time, and grow their business.

Adding The Numbers

Total No of Campaigns


Total no. of clients closed so far
Total revenue generated so far
$4 Million


Monsy offers a service that is not at all expensive and supports a lot more push notifications than other similar platforms. However, to get exposure to their potential clients and let them know about the services they offer was their goal, to begin with. With OutReachBin, they had successfully run the campaigns and got a positive response, as they generated almost $4 million in revenues in just a year.

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