Hyper-Personalized Cold Emails: How To Get Started

August 30, 2021

    Personalizing an email may entail anything from just addressing a prospect by their name to crafting a totally unique email only for them. Hyper-Personalized Cold Emails, on the other hand, can help you boost your conversion rates significantly.

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    Personalization is always crucial - after all, why send an email if you have no idea who you're sending it to? You won't (or shouldn't) personalize every email to the same degree, though.

    In this piece, we’re going to look at what makes hyper-personalized cold emails great, and how to craft them. So, if you're looking to boost the performance of your email campaigns, you've come to the right place.

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    The Science Behind Hyper-Personalized Cold Emails

    If you're wondering why businesses utilize customization to target and attract customers, there's a good explanation. Yes, there is enough evidence behind this strategy that shows how personalization makes individuals more open to what businesses have to offer.

    People are made to feel unique when they receive personalized content since it is suited to them. Each person feels in charge since they receive something unique to them.

    This instills in the minds of the prospects a sense of consumer empowerment, prompting them to make a purchase choice.

    The Effect Of Hyper-Personalization On Your Cold Email Campaigns

    The effect of personalization is not just pertinent to large brands or companies selling consumer goods. But this strategy has also been used to great effect by sales reps and marketing professionals in the B2B space - particularly while reaching out to prospects via emails.

    Here are some statistics that demonstrate the importance of email personalization:

    • Click-through rates increase by 14% and conversion rates increase by 10% when emails are personalized. (Source: Aberdeen).
    • When compared to non-personalized emails, customized emails for campaigns generate 20% more sales chances (Source: DemandGen).
    • (Source: HubSpot) Personalized CTAs have a 42 percent greater conversion rate than generic CTAs.
    • If customers are provided customized material, they are 31% more likely to make a purchase (Source: BloomReach).

    Without a question, personalized emails are one of the most effective methods to get a prospect to reply to your email. The issue is, how much time will you devote to customizing your emails?

    How Much Should You Be Personalizing Cold Emails?

    While hyper-personalizing each cold email you send is a lovely notion, it's just not practical – or, at the absolute least, not scalable. Marketers can't tailor every email based on their previous experiences.

    Cold email marketing is carried out in bulk by the majority of marketers and salespeople. That includes being conscientious about the amount of time they spend writing and customizing the words they convey.

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    Not every candidate deserves or is capable of receiving the same degree of attention. The degree to which an email should be customized is mainly determined by the lead's qualification.

    You can also utilize lead scoring to determine the degree of personalization. Lead score is a method of assessing the likelihood of a prospect converting.

    From the size of a prospect's firm and their job at work to the activities they have (or haven't) performed, this score may be computed using a variety of demographic and lead intelligence criteria. Companies may use lead scoring software to assist them to manage this process.

    Of course, cold leads are cold because they haven't taken any action, other than opening an email and not responding.

    This implies that instead of using demographic data from prospecting tools and your own research to assign scores to cold contacts, you'll be depending on demographic data from prospecting tools and your own research.

    While the outcome won't be perfect, it will help you determine whether to just type a prospect's name into an email and send it or to write a personalized email that is virtual, if not fully, personalized.

    When You Should Use Hyper-Personalization In Your Cold Emails

    While crafting a cold email campaign, you must consider not only how much to customize it, but also where and how to personalize it. While there are several ways to customize cold emails, here are a few of the more frequent and efficient methods.

    1. When You Segment Cold Email Lists

    Segmentation is a useful tool for personalizing emails. When categorizing prospects, separate them into distinct categories based on characteristics such as their work position or industry, and use a customized template to target each of those lists. You may also use hyperlocal marketing to segregate customers based on their geographic area.

    2. In Your Email Subject Line

    This would most likely entail writing a unique subject line for each segmented email list. But you could also try to include prospects' names in subject lines (which has been shown to increase open rates), or a snippet of information that demonstrates you know who you're emailing and that you have a valid reason to be contacting them.

    3. When You Use Images, Gifs, or Videos

    The use of pictures and other kinds of media in emails has been found to increase response rates substantially. Try to include pictures, GIFs, or videos that correspond to your segmented email lists or prospect information.

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    Source: visme.co

    4. In Pain Points

    Though most pain points are unique to the individual and their company, we can usually categorize them based on factors such as industry or job description. Use this information to customize cold emails to prospects based on the pain areas you can fairly believe they are experiencing.

    5. In Follow-Up Cold Emails

    Follow-ups are an important part of cold outreach that is sometimes ignored. Many marketers don't want to be perceived as "harsh," or they don't realize how powerful a good follow-up email can be in getting responses.

    Personalize your follow-up emails in the same way you did your original email. Make use of names. Send personalized emails to email lists that have been segmented. Also, emphasize how what you're giving may alleviate each prospect's potential pain areas.

    How You Should Personalize Your Cold Emails

    Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the relationship between cold emails and personalization, it’s time to move on to how you can properly personalize your emails. Here are some easy tips to help you get started.

    Step 1: Craft Your Buyer Personas

    Before you start looking for someone to contact or a message to send, you need to know who your buyers are. Creating buyer personas will help you get an accurate picture in this case.

    At the absolute least, a buyer persona should define the appropriate individual, the right corporate job, the relevant verticals, and the proper organization size. It also helps you coordinate with marketing and prevent spending time selling to the incorrect target by recording it.

    You may begin gathering leads once you have a complete understanding of the facts connected with your target consumer.

    Step 2: Generate Your List Of Leads

    We’ve touched on the importance and function of leads before, but it’s still worth mentioning again.

    An email marketing tool always comes in handy in such cases. We recommend OneMoreLead, which offers a database of over 40 Million verified B2B prospects to search from.

    If the first list you get is too long, you may keep adding criteria to narrow it down. Start looking at individual lead profiles from here.

    Step 3: Find Common Ground

    Try to discover key relevant facts in less as soon as you can after pulling up a lead's information. By relatable, I mean everything that you have in common with the other person or that allows you to connect on a human level.

    These can include (but are not limited to):

    • Existing location (do any of your current clients live there?).
    • Work experience (have they previously worked for a firm that now utilizes your product?).
    • School or university (how is the college football team doing?).
    • Mutual acquaintances (do you know each other from a conference?).

    You can start by identifying three important personal pieces of information. These serve as the role of an ice-breaker in your conversation with your lead.

    Step 4: Generate A Personalized Email Copy

    This is the most crucial and, most likely, the most enjoyable aspect of cold emailing.

    Sure, you'll get a few bites if you send out bulk emails with the same content, but if you take the time to send out a few customized emails, you'll get a lot more. You'll see a significant increase in clicks and conversions.

    The following are the main components of your customized email:

    • Subject Line - Make sure the subject line isn't overly imposing. Try to make it lighthearted yet catchy, and include one of your three relevant facts.
    • Introduction and greetings - Remain casual and begin with the most relatable piece of information.
    • Transition - From the relatable part to your major argument, make a transition. Explain why you sent the email.
    • Overview - Provide a quick summary of what your firm does and how it may assist this individual.
    • Network - Share a few customers that they may be familiar with.
    • Call to action - Schedule a phone conversation for a certain day and time.

    Here’s an example:

    “ Hey [lead name],

    How about the Ronaldo transfer from PSG to Manchester United this past week?

    That was a sigh of relief, for a moment I thought he’d be going to Manchester City (God forbid!). Fabrizio Romano was on a mission, kudos to him. I’m a ManUtd fan, been one for over 2 decades.

    As a data-driven sales executive, I'm certain you'd find value in a quick discussion about how we're assisting similar organizations much like (name of the company) to achieve their goals.

    As you may be aware, (name of your company)’s Salesforce platform provides real-time accountability and visibility around your sales organization's most important KPIs, ensuring that your team remains focused on the behaviors that matter while generating predictable income.

    You’re from London, aren’t you? We work with a ton of people from the UK, including [customer name#1], [customer name#2] & [customer name#3].

    Would you be interested in linking up on [date] at [time]?


    Step 5: Take Action & Follow Up

    Follow up if you don't hear back the first time. Add another personal note – perhaps a joke, if you can find a way to work it in smoothly. When you do receive a response, act quickly (even if it isn't the one you expected).

    Send a meeting invitation to a lead who has consented to speak with you, compose a fresh email if you've been referred to someone else (but make sure you stress that you've been directed to that person), or designate the lead as unqualified in your CRM system is required.

    Creativity and personality are the most important tools you may employ in this process. That'll set you apart from your competitors and other cold emails in general.

    If this seems like too much work, use OutreachBin. It helps you set your email campaigns on auto-pilot. You can create automated follow-up sequences, with full control over your campaigns.

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    Final Takeaway

    Cold emails can be a chore for both parties. Hyper-personalization is what allows you to connect to your lead, which eventually transforms into a relationship built on trust between you and your client.

    To make this important aspect of marketing less of a chore and more of an experience everyone looks forward to, you can put your trust in OutreachBin.

    Sign up now and increase your conversions in no time!

    Article written by Ahnaf M.
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