How Can I Get Clients For My Agency With Cold Emails

March 22, 2022

    In your journey to meet your revenue target, one of the crucial pain points you will come across is finding ideal targets for your business.

    A group

    In the beginning, gathering clients does not feel like a big deal. However, some referrals and networking do most of the job.

    But what happens when you run out of network? Surely you can boost your Facebook page or post content on LinkedIn. But are you sure it will reach your targeted audience?

    In the circumstances like this, the most direct approach is cold outreach.

    Contacting directly with key decision-makers at firms that are a good fit for your services is possible only through this method. It’s a fast and economical way as well.

    Find prospects>create a contact list>craft cold email>kick off the campaign- that’s all you have to do.

    Let’s get straight to the basics of a stellar cold outreach campaign.

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    • Crafting a flawless cold email is an art. It requires intense dedication and consistency.
    • Cold emails can be the game-changer of your marketing tactics.
    • Personalization does not limit to adding the first name of the prospect.
    • Highly personalized emails require top-notch research on the lead.
    • Subject lines are the first thing your clients notice in your email.
    • The lengthy email body is a big no-no.
    • CTAs can make it or break it in your cold outreach campaign.
    • The approach of your cold email should appear as if you are trying to initiate a conversation, not conversion.
    • Referrals from mutual connections and social proof are the unfailing way to build credibility for your business.
    • Addressing pain points is the gateway to making conversions.
    • A/B testing is crucial in any marketing strategy.
    • The perfectly crafted cold email can’t get a response due to the lack of a simple follow-up.

    What Kind Of Agency Is This Guide Designed For?

    The article covers the proceedings and fundamentals of a cold outreach campaign. Then, you can employ the practices and tweak the templates according to your business.

    Whether your business deals with lead generation, designing, web development, marketing, or software, we have your back.

    The only criterion is that you are confident in delivering on your promises to your clientele.

    How To Get The Attention From Your Audience: Tips To Craft An Effective Cold Outreach Campaign

    Your cold emails will have the most impact on your cold outreach campaign outcome. So it's essential to take your time and get it correct. The most fundamental things while crafting your cold emails are:

    • Personalization,
    • Subject line,
    • Email body, and
    • Call-to-action or CTA

    Every Client Is Unique; So Is The Cold Emails They Will Receive From You

    Personalizing your cold email is a rule of thumb for every cold outreach. By personalization, I don’t mean adding the name of your recipient. It’s beyond that.

    As much as personalization consists of the first name, it also consists of information about them. Information related to their business will not make the cold email a bait from some marketers to generate leads.

    Well, that’s the goal. But it would be best if you never let your prospect feel that.

    But how do you do that? How to make a conversation with a stranger through email?


    working people

    Research about your prospect. Trust me; you will find a cue to highly personalize your email. It can be-

    • A recent LinkedIn post of them that you agree on,
    • An award they won for something recently,
    • A common interest you share with them.
    • Their podcast on YouTube or Spotify
    • Any of their blog posts that you found insightful.

    So many things are there to initiate a conversation with your lead. But you can only utilize them if you do good research on your clients.

    Personalization is crucial to generating more leads because the first thing people notice in their emails is the first line of the email. The first line helps them to determine if the email has something good in store to offer.

    When they see a personalized line, it often catches their attention among the pool of emails they are getting every day. Consequently, they open the email, and if you do it well, you might get a reply.

    For research, you can check their LinkedIn profiles or Facebook profiles. You will notice if they have a blog or a podcast. In LinkedIn, you might find their previous work related to your business.

    To conclude, the opening line of your email has to be specific. Something that will make your recipient believe that this email has been crafted particularly for them.

    Conversations Are Mandatory For Conversion

    Your leads will turn into your customer only when they believe you. Because, after all, they will be investing money in your service. They will want to make sure if you are worth it.

    Therefore, consider making email a channel to generate a conversation rather than a conversion.

    Source: Leadersedge

    You can end an open-ended CTA for your recipient, which will be a humble approach to build an engagement with them. For example:

    • Can we schedule a 10-minutes phone call to discuss this further?
    • Is this something that will pique your interest?
    • Can I have your permission to send you a short clip to show how this works?

    These CTAs are the best way to get a response from your ever-busy clients.

    Once your prospects respond, you may begin a conversation by scheduling a phone call or providing additional information about your business and services.

    Referrals From Mutual Connections Can Do Wonders To Your Cold Outreach

    Referrals from mutual connections help to build trust in your clients. Your credibility and openness will soar when you're introduced to a prospect by an acquaintance.

    Therefore, search for a mutual link between you and your client. Ask them to send your prospect an email including you on the CC.

    Social Proof Is The Gateway To Build Credibility

    Clients are smarter than you think. You might spend a lot of time and effort on marketing, but your clients might not buy it.


    Because they see those as marketing bait, therefore, to build credibility, you will need some social proof.

    For example, suppose you run an online dating app. You will need to highlight how your app has helped many people get connected. You can build large communities in social media such as Facebook and showcase the number.

    Additionally, you can also address the pain points of your industry and tell your leads how you have helped companies or people solve them. Addressing pain points is a great bait to make your prospects resonate with you.

    Remember: It’s Not You; It’s The Client

    Many marketers make a common mistake of providing all the details about their product and service and making it about themselves. But that's not the goal.

    Then how will my client know about what I do? Very legitimate question.

    Cold outreach is a stranger to stranger conversation through email. Therefore, if you don't talk about yourself, they will never know what you do.

    But if you only keep talking about yourself, they mark it as a promotional email or a marketing bait. Hence, they will lose interest immediately.

    group discussion

    The trick is to address your customer's pain point (again, it's essential in cold outreach to talk about your clients' pain point) then tell them how your service works to solve this problem.

    Subject Lines Are The Magic Wands Of The Cold Outreach Campaigns

    A prospect's first impression of your email will be formed by the subject line. This is a great way to show your potential customers that your email is not a scam and that you are familiar with their company and its services.

    It's often a good idea to test various subject lines to see which one performs best before deciding on a final one. While it may be difficult, you can do a few things to improve your chances of success.

    • Say no to slogans
    • Avoid using multiple exclamatory signs (!),
    • Framing the whole sentence in capital words,
    • Wrap it up within 4-5 comments.

    Precise Emails With Relevant CTAs Are The Surefire Way To Get More Clients

    A lengthy email body is an absolute killer for your cold outreach campaign. Because your clients are busy, they don’t have time to read a significant essay. Hence, you need to wrap the whole thing within 4-5 sentences.

    Source: Animoto

    Furthermore, your email’s purpose should be clear. Because if you don’t state it, how will your prospects know?

    After reading your email, your prospects should get a clear idea of their next step. A relevant call-to-action is like a trump card. CTA is what changes the game in cold outreach.

    Still, You Need To Split Test Your Emails

    Till this point, we have mentioned the best practices that can get you more leads. However, you still need to conduct A/B testing with your cold outreach campaign. Because although the formulas work for almost every business, you still need to give those an image. And what image your clients are buying depends on your target clients.

    Sometimes it might differ from client to client. Therefore, you have to categorize your clients based on specific criteria and send them to duplicate emails differently.

    You will know which one you should utilize based on three criteria:

    Open rates- The percentage of your emails’ available rate.

    Click-through rates- The percentage of recipients who have opened and clicked on a link in your email.

    Reply rates- The response rate of your emails.

    A rule of thumb for A/B testing or split testing is to test one thing at a time. If you want to change the subject line, just keep it to the subject line. Don’t change the email body or CTA. It will allow you to understand what changed your email marketing metrics.

    Once you are done with the subject line, start split testing the email body or the CTA.

    Follow-Up Without Any Hesitation

    Sometimes follow-ups are the ultimate game-changer.


    After receiving tons of emails, it’s hard to accept the tabs.

    You are not the only one who is sending out the best emails. There are a lot of marketers like you who are also sending perfectly crafted mail.

    It’s normal for the recipients to lose track of it and forget it. However, that does not necessarily mean it didn’t pique their interest.

    Hence, a follow-up email with a humble approach can lead them to your sales funnel.


    However, while crafting a follow-up email, don’t beat around the bush or repeat the same things. Instead, adding some new information builds a little credibility. Show them that you understand they are busy and empathetic to them.

    You should stop following up after two emails if the prospects don’t reply. That implies that the prospect is not interested in your service.

    Cold Email Templates That Are Worth Stealing

    Cold Email Template #1- Template For Scheduling A Call Or Online Meeting

    Subject: Quick question about X company’s website

    Dear [First name of your lead],

    I just saw your LinkedIn post/listened to your Podcast about [the topic of the post]- such insightful content, I can’t thank you enough for sharing it!

    So great reviews on your website, but I didn’t come across any case studies.

    We are here to help you with case studies. Companies like ( 1 or 2 examples of who have been benefited by you in this regard) have worked with us on this and generated great value.

    If a case study is something you would like to launch next, let’s sit for a 20 minutes meeting or zoom meeting?


    [Your name]

    The reason why this template is a surefire to generate a conversation is that-

    • The opening line is hard not to pique interest (because it shows your in-depth research)
    • You have addressed a pain point
    • You portrayed social proof of solving it
    • The CTA is crystal clear.

    Cold Email Template #2- Template To Add Value And Engage In a Conversation

    Subject: Short video for X company

    Dear [First name of your lead],

    Loved your content for sales/marketing/designing people. I just came across the tutorial on (specific topic), and I must say, I am impressed.

    Since you are creating lots of content recently, I wanted to give you a quick overview of some best practices you might include while creating content for your website.

    Here is a five-minute video.

    Let me know if you have any queries.


    [Your name]

    This is a killer template because-

    • It is highly personalized content for that specific lead
    • It includes a specific complement.

    Cold Email Template #3- Simple Template With A Huge Value

    Subject: Need help in the recruitment process of X company?

    Hi [First name of your lead],

    Came across the recruitment post of X company on LinkedIn/Facebook.

    I understand you are busy, but I thought if you would like (insert relevant service of yours) as a service offering?

    You only pay if you find it helpful.

    Something you would look forward to?


    [Your name]

    The template is rock solid because-

    • The intention is precise and clear
    • Straight cut approach
    • Brief and easy CTA

    Cold Email Template #4- Follow-up Template To Generate Reply

    Subject: (follow the original email)

    Hi [First name of your prospect],

    Reaching out to check if increasing sales in your X store is a priority right now. We increased Y and Z company sales up to 40% with some minor tweaks in their marketing strategy.

    Want to see how?


    [Your name]

    Generate More Leads With OutReachBin

    Every lead you want to reach out to has an email address. If your cold email is tempting enough that addresses their pain points and build credibility, you can surely increase your conversion rates.

    The templates are infallible to initiate a conversation, and the practices we have mentioned here are the perfect way to craft a flawless cold email.

    outreachbin homepage
    Source: OutReachBin

    Integrate OutReachBin in your cold outreach campaign to automate your outreach and generate more conversions when you are ready. Book a call today.

    Article written by Masrura Tahiat
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