Email To Salesforce BCC: Everything You Need To Know

March 11, 2022

    For salespeople, the most crucial thing is to keep an eye on the prospect’s progress. They need to be updated about the prospect's position in the sales funnel. However, the dynamic digital marketing world is overwhelmed with data.

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    Hence, we at OutReachBin, have come forward to ease your pain. Our mission is to help you excel at your work while keeping everyone on track- from sales representatives to marketers.

    Many salespeople have expressed a common concern about not being in the loop to the buyer-to-seller conversation. Luckily, we have options like BCC to Salesforce that helps us to ease our pain and keep everything in check.

    In this Guide, you will see-


    • Salesforce is a CRM software that connects all the teams from anywhere in the world.
    • BCC to Salesforce is a fantastic feature that has reduced the hassle of sales representatives regarding tracking a prospect’s journey to a buyer’s cycle.
    • However, Salesforce also has some setbacks.
    • Manually and consistently adding emails to BCC is overwhelming and tedious.
    • Softwares like OutReachBin automatically BCC emails, which lets you conveniently record your leads.

    What Is Salesforce?

    You probably already know what Salesforce is. However, we would like to introduce those who don’t briefly.

    Salesforce is considered the world's best CRM or customer relationship management platform. The reason behind this platform's popularity is that it makes all teams one- from anywhere in the world.

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    If you are using Salesforce, no matter where you are residing, you will work along with other business teams such as marketing, sales, or IT teams.

    Focusing your employees' attention on stabilizing your firm, reopening, and delivering excellent customer service is now possible with the Salesforce Customer 360 feature.

    BCC To Salesforce: What Is It?

    Salespeople can trace emails sent to prospects and customers using the BCC feature in Salesforce CRM, which allows them to do so from Gmail or Outlook on any device. In addition, sales representatives can record email activity in Salesforce by simply copying an assigned email address onto their emails.

    It allows salespeople to gain insight into the prior interactions with a customer to plan for the future, allocating time for other activities.

    Using BCC to Salesforce has numerous advantages, including:

    - You can add emails to your Salesforce CRM database records. It was not feasible to send and receive emails outside of your Salesforce account before the BCC to Salesforce emailing feature. When you use BCC to send emails to Salesforce, you can be sure that they are stored where you need them for future reference and archival purposes.

    - Once you have an account, you can sign in to your Salesforce account from any device. You will not need to download it every time to get access.

    BCC To Salesforce: How To Set Up?

    First of all, make sure you have enabled your BCC to Salesforce. Then, you can reach out to your Salesforce administrator regarding that. Next, go to the setup of your Salesforce account. Next, click on the right side of the window where your name is visible. After that, click on the “My Email to Salesforce” option. You will find some email address links there. These are generated automatically.

    Get your specified email address and establish a contact to connect the email account for convenient access. No matter which email client you're using, you should now have no trouble adding the BCC contact to each email you send.

    You will find your user name in the window. Select the drop-down bar at the top right corner of your window. Click on “Setup” from the bar.


    Go to the “Email” tab of the settings and click on the “My Email to Salesforce” option.


    Your email to salesforce address will be highlighted like the following one.


    BCC To Salesforce: Setbacks

    Although BCC to Salesforce has made sales representatives' lives so much easier, there are still many setbacks, especially while tracking activity.

    • Manually Adding Emails In BCC

    There is a problem with depending entirely on BCC to Salesforce, as sales agents may not always include the intended email as a mirror image. For example, they may have forgotten or don't have the time.

    • Having Access To Half Of The Conversation

    Because the sales agent must include the selected BCC recipient in the Salesforce email as a receiver, any emails sent by the prospect will not be recorded in the CRM.

    • Tedious Setup

    You can have tons of sales representatives on your team. However, it can be time-consuming for new sales representatives to manually enter the allocated email link and preserve it as a saved contact. Hence, they could devote more time to developing relationships with customers and prospects instead of focusing on the operational mechanics of the software.

    Main Takeaways

    Modern-day sales stack solutions let sales reps focus on selling rather than worrying about adding Salesforce's designated email to BCC while still delivering better or the same outcomes.

    Look no further than OutReachBin, which can be integrated with a slew of other software programs and provides an easy way for you and your team to keep tabs on email and phone activities.

    Article written by Masrura Tahiat
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