Cold Email Templates That Will Blow Your Mind

January 24, 2022

    Cold emails do feel like a spam trap, don't they? That's the most common impression we held in our minds about cold emails. If the value proposition does not seem alluring or if the subject line feels like clickbait, you will shrug off the email. Likewise, if you don't craft cold emails that stand out, you will get the same reaction from your B2B leads. That is why crafting effective emails using cold email templates is the way to go.

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    Because people are prone to think that cold emailing entails scammers posing as sales representatives, that is why writing a successful cold email that captures a prospect's attention is a true art. The finest of cold emails share some similar characteristics. Let's talk about some efficient strategies for crafting cold emails and look at some of the cold email templates.


    • Before you start sending cold emails there are 3 things you must do: research about your prospect, personalize your email, and add value to your email.
    • Cold emails already give a spammy vibe, hence, make sure you aren’t making it more like a spam trap.
    • Cold emails should be precise and meaningful.
    • Sending cold emails to third-party to gather information is a great way to build a warm relationship.
    • The three-part formula is the most efficient cold email template you will ever come across.
    • Offering free resources can be a great way to build a warm relationship with a lead.

    3 Must-Haves Of Every Cold Email

    Hitting random people via email is an outdated B2B marketing strategy. Slapping cold email copies into your leads' faces does not work anymore. In today's world, cold outreach requires articulate emails so that the prospecting efforts increase.


    You can't pull off any marketing campaign without good research; let's start right there. There is no shortcut. You must undergo rigorous assessment and analysis to make the most out of your marketing strategy.

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    Just think of it like this, if you don't know about your customer or your audience, what will you say to them? How will you grab their attention?

    But there will be numeral leads. How can I research so many leads? If that's your concern, then don't worry. At OutReachBin, we have worked hard to create buyer personas so that you don't have to.


    I will never get tired of saying how much personalization means in cold outreach. Research shows that a personalized cold email gets a 10% higher response rate than a non-personalized cold email.

    If adding a name can do wonders to your email, why won't you add it?

    Another way to craft a highly personalized email is to add a subject line that will address the pain point of your lead. These two things will pave the way for building a warm relationship with your customer.


    Adding value is just not offering discounts. It is much more than that. The appropriate meaning of value in B2B marketing is what your lead is looking for.

    Maybe they want to have a one-on-one conversation on a phone call about your service. Perhaps they are looking for some recommendations on your product or service. Or maybe they want to land on the landing page of your website straight.

    You, as a salesperson, have to understand their needs and offer those in your cold email.

    Cold Email Templates That Stand Out

    Of course, every organization is unique, but the cold email templates listed below will be a solid starting point for you.

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    On average, a business person gets 97 emails every day- hence you need to work hard in standing out, being noticed, and eliciting a response.

    But before plunging in, let me clear the most common concern of marketers- Is cold outreach still an efficient strategy?

    Terrible cold emails do more harm than good. They irritate your leads and mark you as spam to your leads. But targeted and relevant emails can smash off your cold outreach campaign.

    Cold Email Templates: #1 The "quick question" template

    This is a very efficient template when you have found a company that is just in need of a service like yours, but you don't know whom to reach out to.

    The email should be precise and to the point. The less time your reader has to spend reading your email, the more likely they will respond to it.

    However, don't abruptly ask for the contact information of your recipient. Remember that you and your recipient never had an encounter before. Therefore, give a brief introduction of yourself.


    Good evening [First name of your recipient],

    I am [your first name] from [your company].

    I would like to talk with someone from the sales/customer/marketing/relationship department who makes decisions for your company. May I get their contact information, i.e., email ID or phone number?

    I appreciate any help you can provide.

    [Email Signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    The reason behind the efficacy of this template is that it asks very little from your recipient. Moreover, the approach is not like you are trying to sell something. It's more like a request for an email or phone number of a professional from their business.

    Furthermore, the template lets the recipient humanize with you because of the acknowledgment you present about your uncertainty.

    Cold Email Templates: #2 The "third-party" connection

    Perhaps you know whom to contact, but you don't know how to contact.

    You need to find employees who aren't decision-makers but can help you regarding the information you need. How will you find them, you ask? Through LinkedIn or Twitter.

    This strategy is very much beneficial when it comes to cold outreach campaigns. You can use the template when you are facing a hard time approaching or getting a response from your wanted personnel of a company.


    Hello/Greetings [First name]

    I found you on [LinkedIn] and wondered if I could get help from you.

    I think [recipient's company] can benefit from my solution regarding [industry/company pain point]. Unfortunately, I am having trouble connecting to the right person to discuss this. Will you be kind enough to share their contact information with me?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

    [Email signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    Low-level employees are inclined to pitch a profitable prospect to their company to move them up the corporate ladder.

    The email template provides those employees with the chance to do so while your response rate soars high.

    Moreover, addressing the employee by their name puts pressure on them to deliver your message to the appropriate personnel.

    No one would like to be the employee who blows off a terrific opportunity.

    Cold Email Templates: #3 The "three-part formula" template

    This is the most efficient cold email template you will ever come across. But before you utilize this, make sure you have done your fair share of research.

    Because it will only be effective when you are sure about your prospect's challenges and have a cakewalk solution for them.


    Greetings [first name]

    Hope this email finds you well. I observed that your company faces a problem regarding [ pain point].

    It is disappointing to lose clientele over an issue like [ pain point].

    Our [Service/product name] has a great solution regarding [ pain point]. You can easily [solution relevant to pain point] with [your company name] service.

    Would you like to know more about it?

    [Email Signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    This template has a tremendous response rate. That's because the template works in three ways.

    First of all, you show the reader that you are well aware of their company's weakness. Secondly, when you poke the formula a little, it creates an emotional response. Finally, you provide a solution that they are genuinely in need of.

    Company's don't like it if other companies know their problem. That's why they become desperate to fix those problems. At that moment, when you offer them a cakewalk solution, they instantly grab it.

    Cold Email Templates: #4 The "AIDA" template

    This template should be implemented for data-driven companies because data and social proof attract their attention.

    AIDA refers to attention, interest, desire, and action. According to marketers, this solution feels like those friends with whom we feel heard.

    Didn't get it? Let's have a look at this template.


    Hey [first name],

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to solve [problem/challenge]?

    [Your company name] has helped [ a company that has benefited from your service] to achieve [x%] increase in sales.

    Additionally, the [ your product name] helped improve that company's [ mention the points they have benefited from, i.e., response rate, the efficiency of marketing strategy, workflow] that has contributed to customer satisfaction.

    Your company has been facing the same problems for a long time now. I understand that's frustrating. Why don't we have a chit-chat regarding this?

    [Email signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    The template gains massive response because of social proof, data, and intrigue.

    The opening line attracts the attention of your recipient. Then you provide social proof that keeps the reader hooked. After that, you drop the ultimate bait, the solution to their pain point. If done correctly, they will take the action you want them to.

    You can use this template differently as well. Suppose the company you are approaching is not data-driven. What attracts them the most? Find that out by conducting proper research. That way, you can forge a response from your reader.

    Cold Email Templates: #5 The "on-point" approach

    In today's ever-busy world, this template is the best approach. Directly break the pain point your prospect is facing. Show concrete proof on how your company or service will be helpful in this regard.

    No added fluff. Just a plain presentation of challenges and solutions. That's it. You just pitched a deal.


    Hello [first name of the recipient],

    Is your [problem] contributing to losing customers?

    We have helped many companies like yours to solve this problem. And believe it, or not their sales hopped by [X%] that year.

    All we had to do was integrate [your service] into their system. It instantly showed efficacy and created a tremendous response, and the productivity skyrocketed.

    The set-up is so hassle-free that it does not even require any onboarding. Do you have time on [insert day] to discuss this?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    [Email signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    The opening line is precise, crisp, and engaging- everything you need to have your prospect right on the grid.

    The scenario caters to the busy mindset of business executives. Moreover, you even decide on a day to conduct the meeting with them, which gives them less time to think and take action.

    Cold Email Templates: #6 The "create a scenario" template

    The cold email paints a picture of how smooth life can get with your service.

    Firstly, you have to convince your lead that there is much hassle because of not integrating your service into their system to craft an email like this. Afterward, show them how instantly your service can make their life better.

    However, the template should bear some sense to the reader. Otherwise, it can go wrong awfully.

    Professionals should not have difficulty understanding how this service can bring the ball in their court. The email should finger the benefit of using the service right in their eyes.


    Hey [first name],

    We understand the frustration of [problem] because of [reason behind the problem].

    Have you ever wondered how the world would be if [solution]?

    Want to see a quick demo to see how [your service] works to resolve the [problem]?

    [Email Signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    The template creates a scenario where your product or service is the shortest route to get rid of their problem. If done right, they will be able to picture a better and hassle-free life as a business professional, and they will quickly subscribe.

    Cold Email Templates: #7 The "Valuable resources for free" template

    We love getting free stuff, don't we? Just imagine how the word "free-shipping" brightens up your day. Right?

    Well, there is nothing to ship when it comes to digital marketing, but you can certainly share the same relevant resources for free with your customer.

    How will you know which resource will be relevant to whom? Research. I will never get tired of explaining how necessary researching your clientele is.

    You can get a hint from something they share on social media. For example, if you follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, observe what they share. Try to catch their line of thought.

    This will make it easier for you to share resources that will be valuable to them.

    The template is ideal if you want to build a warm relationship with your client.


    I came across the post you wrote on [Social media site name] regarding [topic of the post]. Your points were genuinely legit.

    [Utilize the critical points of that post and express how they made that write-up valuable]

    Would appreciate it if you took the time to read [your article link] on that exact matter.

    [Email signature]

    Why will this template mount up the response rate?

    As much as free resources will work to keep your lead hooked, the crafting of this email also makes the email intriguing. I mean who does not like to be flattered? Especially when that flattering and praise does not ask anything in return.

    Final Thoughts

    Emails that are precise and highly tailored prepare the path for sales outreach. A cold email campaign is an excellent technique to initiate a business relationship and produce qualified prospects.

    OutReachBin helps build an efficient cold outreach campaign by managing and analyzing data that will increase your deliverability.

    Schedule a free demo today to make the most out of your cold email campaign!

    Article written by Masrura Tahiat
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