Cold Email Subject Lines That Make Your Clients Click

December 18, 2021

    Cold email campaigns appear as a nightmare for many marketers. Why wouldn't it be?

    Most of the cold emails marketers send to their target audience go to spam folders. There's no sign of getting feedback because of no prior relationship with the target audience.

    Hence, the frustration is justified.

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    However, a cutting-edge subject line is the only feature that will not only prevent your email from landing in the spam folder but also make sure they are opened.

    The 60 characters of your cold email subject line can do wonders to your open rate, CTR, and conversion rates. Sounds hard? Trust me, it isn't. Once you get a hold of it, you will see your cold email campaign metrics soaring high effortlessly.


    • Subject lines hold the responsibility to increase open rates of emails.
    • Crafting a good subject line requires good research on prospects.
    • Subject lines that are questions spur the curiosity among recipients.
    • Feedbacks from your customers are social proof that can be used as cold email subject lines.
    • Addressing pain points in subject lines is always cherry on the top.
    • FOMO inducing subject lines can be enticing for prospects.

    How To Craft A Good Subject Line?

    Your prospects will only read your email when the subject line of your email is catchy. There are plenty of ways to craft one.

    You can include questions in the subject line. Or you can address the person by their name, which happens to be an excellent personalization technique for marketers.

    Additionally, you can consider using a benefit or CTA as your email's subject line.

    According to a survey conducted by LiveClicker, 55% of consumers are attracted to marketing emails including offers and products that suit their needs. Therefore, it's no surprise that personalization significantly impacts prospects.

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    Precisely, as a B2B marketer, you have to understand the problems your clients and prospects face and craft suitable solutions for those problems.

    Spur Curiosity

    What is the primary goal of a marketing email subject line? To make the recipient click, right? After that, the email body determines the further actions.

    Hence, to make your leads open your email, you must induce their curiosity. Otherwise, you can't blame them if they don't open your email from the plethora of emails.

    Provide Value

    Your leads set expectations based on your subject lines. Indeed, it's always a good idea to insert a bit of humor but make sure your subject lines are understandable.

    You can include relevant offers or services for respective clients. Tell them how you can assist them in achieving their goals. Or let them know about the promotional offer.

    All these can be included in your subject line to add value to your cold emails and entice your recipients to click.

    Keep It Relevant

    Learn about the prospect buying cycle before you attempt to make an offer. You might have a fantastic promotional offer going on, but it might not be in any use for your client.

    Create Sense Of Urgency

    The same way you prioritize your emails, so do your clients. Hence, if your subject line makes them "this can wait," they will never come back. Generating urgency is a tried-and-tested tactic of email marketing. Your client might not be ready to make a purchase, yet show them what they will be missing out on if they don't avail of that particular order.

    However, don't apply this method all the time. Otherwise, you will risk annoying your clients.

    Avoid Clickbait

    Using subject lines that appear as clickbait is the worst thing you can do to your email marketing campaigns. Creating false urgency or value leaves a wrong impression about you, and your emails end up being marked as spam.

    Best Cold Email Subject Lines

    Cold Email Subject Lines That Are Questions

    Humans have the urge to know the answer to any question presented in front of them. Hence, subject lines with questions will inevitably lead you to higher open rates.

    YesWare experimented on 1.2 million cold email subject lines. They found that subject lines with questions have a 10% more open rate.

    Does this increase your anxiety about the type of questions you should include in your subject lines? We are here to ease your pain.

    "What more could you ask for?"

    This subject line will immediately spur curiosity among readers. The only way to know what it holds for them is by opening the email and reading it.

    However, your email body should align with the subject line. The answer to the question should lie in the first line of the email, and the body should consist of more details.

    "Are you ready?"

    An incomplete question will always accelerate action. Likewise the previous one, the only way to find out the root of this question is to open the email. Which means your purpose is being served.

    While this subject line will do its job perfectly if it is being sent to the right person at the right time, the message in the body should do its job as well to answer the question correctly.

    Cold Email Subject Lines That Address A Challenge

    Professionals are always enthusiastic about discussing the challenges they face at work regularly.

    Hence, if they get an email addressing their pain point, they are bound to open that.

    Even after opening, if they don't respond, you know that you have successfully identified their pain points, and you can now send them follow-up emails.

    Let's look at some of the pain points including subject lines to kick off.

    "Remove dead reckoning from [Task/Activity] today."

    This subject line has a straightforward approach that will encourage professionals to open the email.

    Making presumptions is a common problem of many professionals. Researching your prospects will let you know about the type of guesswork they have to do, and you will be able to provide a solution based on that.

    The word 'today' will positively impact and create a sense of urgency. It will make your service appear as a troubleshooter for your leads.

    "[Insert name], is there too much on your plate?"

    You already know this hits home, don't you? No wonder that we all have too much on our plate.

    The subject line starts with the prospect's name, another impactful personalization trick in email marketing. Additionally, it also contributes to the significant increase in metrics and builds a mutual connection between you and your prospect.

    "What would you do with [Insert number] more hours per week?"

    There's nothing more exciting for a professional if he sees he saves some extra hours every day.

    The number of hours a customer has saved using your service is your most potent weapon to use in a cold outreach campaign.

    That’s where feedback enters into play. Your customer's feedback will entice your prospect. Bang your leads with hard numbers as in: "150 hrs/month."

    Apart from numbers, you can also use subject lines based on your feedback that will increase both open and conversion rates. Some of them can be as follows:

    • Companies are saving big with [Insert service/product]
    • How [insert product/service] helped the [Company] to turn their business around
    • Businesses increase sales up to [Insert amount] with our [product/service]
    • Businesses feel empowered after using our [product/Service]

    These subject lines are social proof that your products or services have benefited and transformed businesses. Consequently, they clear every doubt a professional might have about your Company and drive them through the sales pipeline.

    Cold Email Subject Lines That Provide Value

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    You must have heard of the power of reciprocity.

    In brief, the concept of exchanging things for mutual benefits is engraved in all of us as a social rule.

    Surprisingly, you can utilize this power to generate more open and reply rates by using some quirk subject lines.

    "Some content to head-on [Relevant topic]"

    Cold emails are already a sensitive issue. Because you are sending emails to someone with whom you never had any prior relationship.

    Hence, when your prospects see that you are catering to their needs, understanding their value of time fills their minds with gratitude. They feel obliged to return the favor.

    Moreover, this will make your email stand out from regular sales emails.

    "[Relevant topic] Resources that can help right now."

    Similar to the previous subject line, this subject line also adds value to your cold email. However, your subject line should relate to the content of your email. Make sure the resources you provide are relevant to your prospect.

    This requires having a sound understanding of the buyer's cycle concept and analyzing your prospects.

    "Tips to help increase sales during a tough time."

    Subject lines that include the word "increase" have a higher open rate than average.

    The above-mentioned subject line does the job of addressing challenges faced during sales.

    If your provided content aligns with your subject line, be sure to achieve more than the benchmark you have set.

    Cold Email Subject Lines That Spur Curiosity

    Emotionally appealing subject lines are a powerful technique for cold email marketing campaigns. When you induce curiosity in your prospects, they are bound to open your email. After that, it's a matter of a compelling email to win their hearts.

    "Discover what's possible with [X]"

    This subject line immediately piques your prospects' interests and creates an urge to tap open.

    This tactic performs better than other subject line tactics because when your subject line says it all, your prospects tend to skip over the email, thinking they got the information.

    Hence, cliffhangers like this one perform better to increase open rates.

    "It's really easy."

    This, again, leaves out the space for the recipient to think about what is so easy.

    The majority of your prospects won't like to miss out on what is inside.

    "Got problems? We've got solutions."

    This subject line has the mystery and the curiosity generator factor that is required to trap the prospect. However, don't forget that your goal is to increase open rates and conversion rates.

    Hence, the body of any email containing such a subject line should give a highly personalized vibe so that your prospects are convinced to take the next step.

    Cold Email Subject Lines With Numbers

    Increasing the metrics seems like a lot of responsibility for 60 words. However, it's possible if you are smart.

    Numbers play a vital role in persuading your prospects. They attract prospects and instigate them more than words. That's what makes them stand out.

    High numbers mean high credibility. In sales, this is the first thing to achieve.

    Let's glance at subject lines that can benefit you in increasing open rates.

    "For every [$ Amount] customers spend, they earn [$ Amount] back."

    Your ROI stories can also be an engaging subject line, just like what we have mentioned above.

    Hard numbers are evidence that supports the efficacy of your solution.

    In the marketing world, nothing is more compelling than money. If done correctly, the value of your service will leave them with no choice but to tap and learn more.

    Cold Email Subject Lines That Induce FOMO

    According to research, 56% of people experience FOMO or fear of missing out.

    Professionals you are trying to reach out to are also humans. Hence, no wonder this fear is also deeply rooted in them.

    This compelling tactic also engraves a seed of urgency in the prospect's mind.

    "X things you didn't know about [Topic relevant to prospect]"

    The phrase "you didn't know" always succeeds in generating FOMO, especially when the topic caters to the prospect's needs.

    Anybody will hardly skip information that might be used to their advantage. Hence, this subject line will surely hit the bull's eye.

    "[Relevant topic] trends you should know about."

    This subject line also plays a big part in generating FOMO. If you do your research well, you will learn what they care about and craft a clear subject line.


    The success of your cold email campaign highly depends on that 60-word subject line. Best email subject lines don't give away too much yet are compelling and informative in all their glory.

    A creative subject line will always pique the interest of your prospects, and that's what makes them unique. Experiment with tried and tested techniques to see the best results.

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