Cold Email Outreach: 10 Tips And Strategies For Success

August 27, 2021

    Cold email outreach has taken the place of door-to-door cold calling. Though it is the most effective way for sales prospecting, doing it even slightly wrong can create a boomerang situation.

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    Are you thinking about making 30+ phone calls every day in an attempt for cold calling? Gone are those days.

    In this article, we will guide you through tips and strategies to help you ace the cold email outreach game.

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    TL; DR

    • Cold email outreach is the widely practiced outbound marketing that can help you grow your business.
    • Cold emails are in no way spam. Rather it is one of the greatest means for businesses to connect with prospects and qualify them as leads.
    • Cold emails are persistent, cold email helps in networking, gets you in touch with the broader customer base, and much more.
    • To make cold email outreach successful, know how your prospect looks like. Create an ideal customer profile to make the process organized.
    • Based on the criteria of ICP, build prospects leads and segment them into categories. To ease your work you may consider using a B2B database software.
    • Subject lines are arguably the most important part of cold email. Make it interesting and relevant not to get bounced and marked as spam.
    • Personalize isn’t just a buzzword. Personalize the contents to have a breakthrough. If you are not catering to your prospects' needs, you are out of the game.
    • Keep your CTAs moderate. Sounding salesy through CTAs can lead to instant alienation. Take time to pitch your sales CTA.
    • In follow-up emails, try using different structures, different subject lines to get attention. The recipient side appreciates the effort you are putting to reach them.
    • To optimize cold email outreach campaigns, you can rely on automation software. The solutions they have can take care of the problems you are facing.

    Email Outreach: Yay or Nay?

    When companies try to reach prospective clients, they can take two main initiatives: inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

    Outbound marketing refers to the more "traditional" methods of marketing, such as actively reaching out to your target audience to stay top of mind.

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    Source: Hubspot

    By striking up a dialogue with your audience, you're letting them know exactly what you do and how you can help them. Because you may convey the message you want to get out to a very large audience, this procedure is highly crucial to your entire marketing plan.

    Some examples of outbound marketing are advertisements such as TV commercials, banner advertisements, billboards, and many more. We don’t usually pay much attention to these advertisements. However, if one gets our attention, stays in our mind.

    Email outreach is keeping the outbound marketing alive and is effective to reach a broader audience. And that too, without spending a chunk of money. Email outreach proves to be an extremely effective way to generate leads for your business if done correctly.

    So, if you think that outbound marketing is dead and so is email outreach, you can put the thought aside. If you do your email outreach appropriately and follow up with well-crafted messages to start meaningful conversations, your exchange may very well turn into a potential sale.

    What Is Cold Email Outreach?

    A cold email is sent to a potential customer to initiate contact. To properly comprehend what cold emailing entails, it is when you contact someone you don't know for a specific and genuine reason.

    It can be considered as a sort of ice-breaking practice. Cold emails can be used for networking, link building, recruiting, and other purposes than sales.

    The important thing to remember here is that you should only message someone if you have a valid reason. For example, if you're selling CRM software, you won't email a truck driver or anyone who doesn't need one.

    Does Cold Email Outreach Work?

    According to a HubSpot study, 33 percent of cold emails get a neutral or somewhat favorable response from recipients. Given that telemarketers (another kind of cold outbound marketing) receive a 94 percent highly unfavorable to moderately negative response, this figure is astounding.

    A good cold email works because it reflects the fact the salesperson has researched the prospect’s company enough to have an idea about the general business model and has at least popped onto the prospect’s LinkedIn.

    The user end has control over the cold emails and can set the boundaries by seeing the subject line, whether it’s relevant or not. Most companies aren’t going to need your service but the goal is to reach the ones who do through cold email outreach.

    Is Sending Cold Emails Illegal?

    In short, no. Sending cold emails is not illegal. As long as businesses stick to email sending regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the USA CAN-SPAM Act.

    gdpr guidelines
    Source: Snel

    Cold emails have long been mistaken for spam emails. They aren't, for the most part. They provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect effectively with their prospects while also assisting in the acquisition of potential sales.

    Today, B2B cold emails have evolved into targeted advertising and promotions from businesses seeking to reach out to an anonymous audience.

    To avoid falling foul of GDPR rules, your B2B cold email outreach must satisfy specific standards. You must have a compelling rationale and a clear line of explanation for why the person you're contacting would be interested in your business.

    Benefits of Cold Email Outreach You Should Know

    Before digging into the tips and strategies for successful cold email outreach, you must know what value it will add to your business.

    Cold emails don't go away

    A sales pitch on Twitter or Facebook can reach hundreds of individuals, but anyone who isn't browsing their feed at the moment will almost certainly miss it. An email waiting on the recipient can help you to stay on top of your mind.

    Grow your network

    Cold emailing aids in raising awareness among the prospects (potential customers). Someone may be seeking a Dubai vacation package, and when it arrives in their email, they will be overjoyed. As a result, cold emailing facilitates the connection of individuals who may need each other.

    Connect with new prospects

    Cold emailing allows you to go out beyond your existing client base and make touch with a broader pool of potential consumers. In a comparatively less competitive market, it is the most effective way to get the word out about your business and generate revenue.

    Cold email is less intrusive

    Cold emailing is unobtrusive and allows you to offer the privacy and space prospects need. When you send an email, the recipient may decide to read at their convenience, or they want to read at all.

    Offers personalization at less expense

    Outreach campaigns through billboards and other traditional means can’t be personalized and on top of that may cost you a huge amount of money. Email outreach can be personalized to fit your prospect's profile and can generate conversion rates.

    10 Tips And Strategies For Successful Cold Email Outreach

    1. Create Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)

    People who describe successful salesmen as being able to "sell sand in the desert" are annoying. Sure, it takes expertise, but doesn't selling water make more sense?

    The same goes for your emails. Every one of us is in our own unique desert. While the majority of the people are focusing on selling sand, the wisest one will sell water. To do that, you have to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) and go deeper along with knowing basic information.

    ideal customer profile for cold email outreach
    Source: HubSpot

    Go into the details of sales team size and structure. Targeting the decision-maker in the company can help you to cut through the edges. Take insights from the existing customers through surveys to make cold email outreach more relevant rather than a vague pitch.

    2. Build prospects list

    After knowing what your ideal customers look like, you need to find them. The easiest way to do that is to buy an email list from a third party offering the cheapest price and get done with it.

    If you do this and have not been blacklisted yet, don’t worry, you will ... soon (just kidding).

    Never buy an email list from an unknown third party, as it can ruin your sender's reputation beyond repair.

    Build your own prospect list using the criteria of your ICP and then find the ideal company where the prospects are involved. An easy method is to use a B2B database to have access to verified email addresses.

    3. Be cautious with subject lines

    The subject line is one of the first things a prospect sees, and it determines whether or not they open your mail. Misleading subject lines not only violate the CAN-SPAM regulations but also irritates your recipients.

    While tailoring a subject line, be specific and don’t beat around the bush. If people have to spend time decoding the subject line, chances of not getting opened.

    Spark curiosity with a killer subject line in the same way the cliffhanger in your favorite TV shows pulls you through the entire season.

    Make the subject line clear, short, and highly relevant to your prospect’s needs. Be cautious to avoid spammy language.

    4. Personalize the content

    Did you know that adding a personal touch to your cold email outreach efforts may boost your open, click-through, and response rates?

    Although personalizing each message when emailing hundreds of potential prospects may appear to be a time-consuming procedure, you must not ignore the appropriate personalization of your copy.

    Use your ICP to demonstrate how you can reduce a specific problem the prospect is facing. Not only a few words but the entire mail should be personalized to the individual. All of this stems from the research you conducted at the start of the process.

    To go above and beyond with cold email outreach, you can add a customized video describing your company in short. It’ll show that you have taken the time and effort to reach them.

    5. Focus on the right CTA

    A hard sell is something that no consumer wants. While aggressive sales can be convincing in person or over the phone, a cold email is much simpler to disregard.

    It's not a good idea to start selling right immediately. The prospect should feel comfortable contacting you straight away after receiving the first couple of emails.

    That isn't to say you shouldn't pay attention to the CTA. Instead, opt for a simple action that the recipient can take. You can ask to check out a blog post or a guide they may find useful. You can also offer relevant PDF or ebooks to encourage them to engage.

    6. Send follow up mails

    Only a series of poor, spammy follow-ups are more irritating than a lousy, spammy cold email. Follow-up email works and most responses come from a follow-up rather than the original message.

    But, you need to strike the right balance between getting positive responses and not annoying recipients. The content of those follow-ups is more significant than the number of follow-ups. Give a soft reminder to those who haven't responded yet, but don't badger them to do so.

    7. Avoid generic templates

    There are hundreds of cold email templates and it seems very easy to get started with one. But, as you already know, outreach is a difficult task requiring more effort and creativity.

    The recipients can tell how much effort the sender has given just by looking at your email at a glance. No matter how good the template is, it’ll need a personal touch to make it seem like there’s a human behind it.

    You may use the templates as a guide to stand out and not sound like everyone else.

    8. Endorse social proof

    Instead of tricking recipients into opening your email, share the reviews and journey of your existing clients to have genuine engagement. Spiking the opening rate is of no use if people do not have enough reasons to trust you.

    In a subtle tone mention the businesses you have helped to grow in your first mail. In follow-up, mails attach the social proof to build a relationship based on trust.

    9. Run tests and modify

    Understanding conversion metrics is critical when sending cold emails to determine whether or not your campaign was effective. Without the analytics, you'd have to go into countless sales reports to figure out how many emails were sent, opened, replied to, or converted.

    Run tests to know what the metrics are telling you so that you can modify them appropriately. For example, bounce rate tells you what percentage of your cold emails were not successfully delivered.

    A low open rate suggests that the subject line is not working. Use the A/B test on different variations of subject lines to find out the one which works for you the best.

    10. Optimize your cold email outreach campaign

    While there are many aspects to be taken care of for successful cold email outreach, and automation software can do the heavy lifting. To optimize a cold email outreach campaign, OutReachBin brings to you a set of solutions. We can help you create cold email campaigns and send, manage, and analyze them for optimization.

    Final Word

    Cold email outreach works the best when you take a strategic approach, rather than just blasting emails to your entire list. Make sure to set realistic goals before crafting your cold email outreach campaigns. Don’t forget to follow up to boost your chance of converting.

    Want to get your cold email outreach efforts to the next level? Get started with OutReachBin today!

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