Best Cold Calling Software For Your Business (Updated 2022)

August 24, 2021

    The need for powerful cold calling software may be frowned upon by many marketers. This is partly because cold calling is widely regarded as an unethical practice. Sales representatives are thought of as being obnoxious; customers feel as though they're being harassed, and everyone feels embarrassed.

    But should this be the case? Let's face it - the majority of senior-level buyers prefer to be contacted over the phone.

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    This might be an issue of either cold calling or how we approach it. Why not just use the correct cold calling software instead of just feeling awkward?

    When used in combination with the appropriate cold calling script, it can result in a seamless conversation that leaves the buyer feeling understood, and the sales team feeling certain that the prospects will convert.

    You can take your company's cold calling approach to the next level, reach your sales goals, and create an effective selling experience by using the correct software.

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    What Is Cold Calling?

    Cold calls are described as unwanted calling to a prospect as opposed to warm calls in which there is already an established connection. The prospect is not waiting for the call as there is no established communication.

    Cold calling isn't the favorite thing for a salesman in particular, as the success rate is low and more time is required. But the success rate is not zero, so you should not feel discouraged. Great cold calling scripts can make your business thrive.

    Using cold calling scripts and automation can significantly speed up your outreach.

    While email marketing is a crucial consideration when selecting a CRM for startups, knowing how to perform cold calling successfully is critical to the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

    Advantages of Using Cold Calling Software

    It's fair to say that putting a cold calling software might appear to be more appropriate for a bigger company. How much work does it truly take for your few sales representatives to hit the phone?

    The right software, however, between a strong customer relationship management (CRM) program and the actual calling platform, is critical to your cold calling success. These software solutions will assist your employees in working more efficiently, taking detailed notes, and making the most out of every lead.

    Putting in the appropriate cold calling software is an investment in your company's future. You're not only giving yourself the best chance of closing as many deals as feasibly possible, but you're also preparing your staff for success as you expand.

    Detailed notes in your CRM will assist everyone rapidly get up to speed on new leads, and having call recordings on hand will help your new recruits get onboarded.

    But how does one choose a cold calling software from a list of many? Don’t worry, we got your back.

    Choosing the Best Cold Calling Software

    The finest software for your company, like with any software, may not be the best software for every company. When it comes to sales tools, small businesses have diverse needs, so it's critical to consider which features and elements are most crucial for your team.

    When looking for cold calling tools for your business, the following are the key features to consider:

    • Usability
    • Integrations
    • Metric monitoring
    • Recordings
    • Scalability

    1. Usability

    It may sound obvious, but if your cold calling software is difficult to use, your employees will not want to use it.

    The last thing you should do is spend money on software that isn't being used. When looking for cold calling software, make sure to try out the free trial or book a quick demo to get a feel for how user-friendly the tool is.

    However, don't simply think about the sales rep interface. Examine the admin settings to ensure that you can quickly add users, interact with your existing sales programs, and obtain the data you need to analyze effectiveness (so you can respond if someone asks, "Does cold calling still work?").

    If any of these stages are difficult to perform, your cold calling software is unlikely to fit seamlessly into your sales call strategic planning. It may even become the type of software nightmare that compels your team to use inconvenient workarounds and waste extra time on data entry.

    2. Integrations

    Integrations might appear simple—or perhaps unnecessary—if your company is small right now. However, as your company grows, your sales force will most likely require additional technology to assist them to execute their tasks, and it is critical that they all work collaboratively.

    When it comes to software integrations, the key is to think holistically.

    For example, if your sales staff wants to communicate with the rest of the firm, your internal messaging app should be able to link with your cold calling software.

    When evaluating integrations, another element to consider is the ability to follow the complete customer journey map, from lead to transaction and beyond. Make sure your cold calling software allows you to easily record activities in your CRM so you can track every step of your customer engagement.

    3. Metrics Monitoring

    In addition to monitoring customer journeys through CRM integrations, ensure that your cold calling software includes built-in metrics.

    Particularly because more and more sales teams telecommute and remote work becomes the norm for many businesses, it is critical to be able to keep a close check on how your sales team is performing at a micro-level.

    Tracking metrics and monitoring team activity inside your cold calling software help you to keep your entire group on the same page and on track to reach company objectives.

    4. Recordings

    While monitoring metrics provide the statistical analysis tools required to track team performance, call recordings help you to dig further into what is and isn't working via a more qualitative perspective.

    As your business grows, call recording can be a particularly beneficial tool, allowing you to leverage effective conversations as learning resources (and ineffective calls as coaching opportunities).

    You'll also be able to check in on new team members and assist them in identifying areas for development as they get up to pace.

    5. Scalability

    Finally, while scalability may not be at the forefront of your mind right now, if you foresee future expansion, you'll want to be aware of your alternatives for adding users.

    Before you get committed to a cold calling tool for the long term, understand the mechanism for adding more users and the expenses involved with doing so. Migrating software of any kind would be a painstaking process, so understanding scalability today can save you headaches later.

    Top 5 Software for Cold Calling in 2021

    Now that you have an idea of what you are searching for, in cold calling software, you are probably ready to dig into the quest for the one that's perfect for you.  Below are some of 2021's most popular cold calling software.

    1. Myphoner

    Myphoner lets sales experts manage and organize leads through the creation of list segments in your network.

    myphoner homepage

    To contact leads it builds smart queues for agents at the ideal time so that they have the best possibility of contacting people on their lists.

    It also deduplicates your system contacts so that you don't spam prospects by contacting them several times. Two salesmen/executives are therefore unable to call a lead with an identical sales pitch.

    Myphoner also connects with your CRM to develop detailed client profiles and contact records to make sure your representatives always have the latest information on future prospective data.

    2. VanillaSoft

    VanillaSoft assists teams in managing huge lead quantities. You can design unique formulas using its lead scoring functions to assess the results of your products so that your agents speak first to the highest priority.

    vanillasoft homepage

    VanillaSoft’s simple-to-read dashboards enable you to monitor the performance of your team with a glimpse and measure call activity and sales achievement.

    Both advanced and preview options are offered by VanillaSoft. It also has an auto-dialing option that allows your staff to view contact details without looking for them. You will also prevent click-to-call functions from calling manually.

    VanillaSoft offers several solutions for the particular market, including insurance, fundraising, and higher education.

    3. RingCentral

    RingCentral is a brilliant choice in communication software, so presumably, it's not surprising that it's been included in our top list.

    ringcentral homepage

    RingCentral enables many forms of calls, including manual, preview, progressive, and predictive. The voice-control system is specifically designed for outbound sales and marketing. You can personalize your agents' types of calls based on the types of campaigns on which they work.

    By generating call scripts suited to each lead, you can further customize the agent and leadership experience. You may link RingCentral to the platforms you already use by using its integration market and API.


    Toky's cloud-based software integrates many technologies you already use to deliver customer profiles with actual updates and information.

    toky homepage

    Toky offers a call forwarding functionality that allows agents to make calls so they never miss the chance to contact a lead. And its power dialer enables you to establish procedures in order to help agents get the proper lead, in time.

    You may also group your agents to make call management more efficient, in addition to segregating your leads by campaigns. Finally, Toky allows you to monitor agent calls in real-time to help you train agents and follow the scripts.

    5. Aircall

    Aircall markets themselves as "best friends with your CRM". By integrating different systems with others, you can create automatic workflows and log calls with Aircall.

    aircall homepage

    Making these processes less laborious can help your agents pass call lists faster while still registering all the required lead data. Click-to-dial functions like power dialing from Aircall can also assist representatives more easily reach contacts.

    The data from Aircall will allow you to discover exactly how their time-saving capabilities contribute to the selling performance of your team.

    You can monitor team trends and look at individual performance more accurately to determine where improvements are still possible.

    Final Word

    Cold calling might look to be a thing of the past. But with proper software, you can bring this up to date and enable your sales team to reach their objectives through cold calling.

    Cold calling software can help you improve and get better at engaging with leads, raise your sales and keep in line with various telemarketing standards in different countries. Your agents are spending more time making quality calls to your prospects; thanks to the aforementioned tools.

    It's a simple formula: if you have the correct CRM and an effective calling software, as well as a strong correlation between the two, you'll have all the cold calling resources you need to thrive.

    Want to get started with cold emailing instead? Schedule a demo with OutReachBin today!

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