Why Shouldn’t You Send Cold Emails From Your Company Domain?

Cold emails make the perfect ice breaker. By opening the ground for conversation, you can approach someone with greater confidence even though you have never interacted earlier. Moreover, with the accepted norm of cold emailing, even recipients are less likely to entirely disregard your message. Yet, of course, there will always be the risk that your emails are ending up in spam boxes. And in a minute, your entire cold outreach campaign may puff out into the thin air. There are probably more reasons than you can count as to why your cold email outreach may fail miserably. But despite what may appear harmless practices can actually be enough to crash your cold email campaigns. And one such very common mistake is highly using your company domain to send cold emails. That brings us to the obvious question: Why shouldn’t you send cold emails from your company domain?

Why Shouldn’t You Send Cold Emails From Your Company Domain?
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Let’s find out!

Not taking the precautions mentioned within this article, the best thing that could happen is that your cold email campaign will flop, and you’ll curse the time and money that went down the drain.

The worst thing that could happen is that your everyday work emails to your own employees or co-founder will never reach the other side because you will have landed into the black holes that are universal SPAM blacklists. Your domain reputation might be irreparably ruined, forced to forget about reaching your existing clients via email.

It sadly happens to legitimate companies that are sending out legitimate emails.

To avoid these outcomes, follow consider these five mistakes companies make when using the cold email that can ruin the outreach strategy entirely.

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Cold Email Outreach Campaigns: Does Company Domains Matter?

Essentially, an email domain denoted the latter part of an email address, the part that comes after the @ symbol. In the case of personal emails, the most common domains are gmail.com, yahoo.com, or outlook.com. But for businesses, companies tend to have their own domains.

Cold Email Outreach Campaigns: Does Company Domains Matter?
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Here is the thing with cold emails: there are no hard and fast rules that ensure accurate results. In fact, there are thousands of things that may go wrong, especially when you are dispatching large volumes of emails. You practically have no control of how your recipients might react. Not to mention, all your communications are unsolicited too.

So, as far as your company name and brand value go, cold emails thrive on the email domains they originate from. Note that, when interacting online, it will be your company’s domain that will be at the front-end, In many ways, it is the only visible face of your business. So yes, company domains matter, surprisingly to a great extent. And that is also exactly why you should be so careful when using one.

Sending Cold Emails From Your Company Domain: Why You Shouldn’t Go For It?

Before we speak more of company domains, let’s first see what are the primary concerns that you must follow.

A few basic etiquettes that you should ensure when sending cold emails include:

Although each of the aforementioned efforts is highly important, none of them can guarantee to prevent your mails from being marked as spam. This is especially because professional individuals are almost always being bombarded with unwanted emails. Amidst the chaos, an unfamiliar email address or name may directly end the cold emails’ life cycle.

Sending Cold Emails From Your Company Domain: Why You Shouldn’t Go For It?
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Now, the burning question is why to bother so much about cold emails hitting the spam box. After all, you can always continue with different lists, right? Wrong.

And pay attention because this is exactly why you shouldn’t send cold emails from your company domains. As the list is inevitably long, and you keep sending your cold emails from the company domain, at some point, there will be enough spam complaints building over time. Though you cannot reduce the frequency of spam complaints, they withhold the power to destroy your send several reputations. Along with the reputation, it also eradicates deliverability for your forthcoming cold emails.

Sender Reputation

The sender reputation is the metric or score that the internet service providers or ISP assign to your company.

Sender Reputation
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At its core, the sender reputation will determine if your cold emails are delivered or not. The score is calculated based on several factors like email content, quality of prospect lists, and the volume of dispatched emails over a specific period.

Primary Red Flags For ISPs

  1. Dispatching high volumes of cold emails at the same time or just as you are beginning to use your domain. Suppose 100 or more of them are sent out in a day.
  2. Sending repeated content to majority recipients with the mere variation of meta tags. It isn't that ISPs are opening your emails but they can analyze the syntax of your cold emails with different tools. And such repeated content is usually enough to mark your emails as automated spam.
  3. High open and response rates to your cold emails testify to a solid reputation as a sender. However, if you are new, chances are your emails are yet to perfectly resonate with your prospects, and hence this might not turn out to be a strong space.
  4. Lastly, invalid email addresses often result in high bounce rates. Although 2-5 percent bounce rates are acceptable, a spotty prospect list may greatly increase the chances of bounces. Therefore, putting ISPs on alert for your company domains.

Simply put, the better score you achieve, the better reputation your email domains gain. On the other hand, a poor sender reputation results in the ISP diverting your cold emails, whose recipients are within their networks, to spam folders. Even sometimes, they might prevent your emails from being delivered at all. The worst part, here though is, that with lower deliverability rates, your sender reputation will continue to fall downhill.

Why Is Using Company Domains A Bad Idea?

Once your company domain has been marked dangerous, the domain name will be locked into the ISPs of your recipients, as well as a public jailhouse( Spam blacklists).

And there goes your domain crashing. It is highly unlikely to recover the original domain after it has been disapproved once.

Even if you vow to ensure that you have avoided all the probable causes that have raised suspicion of activities, it is nearly impossible to always send cold emails within the restricted parameters.

What Happens When Company Domains are Used For Email Outreach

Thus, if you are actually using your company domain, it jeopardizes your existing sender reputation and company name. But that's not all. It also marks the new domain that you might create next for your cold email marketing campaigns at risk. After all, you wouldn't be changing your company name every time you adopt a new business domain. So, your cold email outreach will always have to bear the scar on your company name.

Why Is Using Company Domains A Bad Idea?
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As a result, even with a new domain, the previous mark on your company name, ISPs will be more suspicious of your cold emails from the beginning of the revamped domain’s use. Henceforth, by sending cold emails from your company domain, you are risking your credibility, brand value and recognition, and your professional values.

Since there is always a possibility of pertaining risk, you should never send cold emails from your company domains.

Hence, if your company’s branded domain address is amazingcompany.com, generate a new domain aligned with the existing one. For instance amazingcompany.org or maybe amazingcompany.net. Alongside, this separate domain should be designed to redirect to the original address, amazingcompany.com. This way, your recipients will find consistent results that match your company’s existence, if they check out your email signature or address.

Lastly, even if the worst situation arises at least the original company domain is safe. Moreover, it helps to arrange and respond to prospects effectively. They don't mix with other business emails and your prospects receive maximum focus without much labor on your part.

A Healthy Reputation

Therefore, ensuring a strong email reputation plays a key role in optimizing and directing your marketing strategies.

Considering the argument we made above, businesses should have more than one domain, apart from the company’s internal domain,s for cold email outreach.

However, just getting a new domain will not be enough alone. You have to set it up for the said purpose and subsequently play safe for your company’s brand value. As you start with one, the domain is under intense scrutiny by ISPs in the first month or so. This time is the probationary scope, so you do not want to mess up even slightly here. Thus, keep the aggression down, and start dispatching the emails gradually. Eventually, you will see how the response rates are and if the open rates are significant. And redesign the content and email copies accordingly.

Holding Onto The Domain’s Reputation

A key to maintaining and holding onto a healthy domain reputation is simply by checking the status from time to time. By taking just a few spare seconds to check if your email domain appears on any common spam blacklists, you are solving the core issue before it proceeds any further. If you are on any of the spam blacklists, contact the concerned ISP immediately and prove that you have designed better campaigns. Subsequently, you can then file for a petition to be whitelisted again.

Note that, you should be ahead of ISPs and check your domain’s sender reputation periodically. Especially as you gradually increase the volume of dispatched cold emails.

Thus, to sum it all up, never send cold emails from the company’s domain. But is having a secondary domain enough for generating cold email outreach? We wish.

The process of setting up a new domain and sending emails is also quite the challenge. Let’s see how you can build domains for your cold email outreach.

Building Domains For Your Cold Email Outreach.

A healthy prospect list can derive unparallel results for your cold email outreach strategies. Therefore, that is the first thing you have to take care of before you start building the domains. Verify and validate the email addresses and try to generate a clean list that will reduce the bounce-back rates.

Next, we move on to the how you should build domains for sending cold emails:

1. Select Your Email Provider

You can purchase new domains from the current domain provider you are using or opt for services like Namecheap or Google Domains. The domain name here is what matters most.

Select Your Email Provider
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After the domain has been purchased, you have to connect it to your selected email server. If the domain and hosting are taken from the same provider, they can be connected with just a few clicks in the dashboard.

2. Build A Email Profile & Email Signature

The email profile contains personal technical details like the user name, like ({your-name}@yourdomain.com) along with a display name.

On the other hand, the email signature depicts your professionalism. It not only projects trustworthiness and builds relationships with your prospects. Thus, making it easier for prospects to connect with you.

Build  A Email Profile & Email Signature
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You can include your picture, brand’s name, brand logo, website, social media handles, and more for building the email profile.

3. Establish SPF& DKIM Records

SPF and DKIM are the security mechanisms that stop scammers from sending forged copies in your place.

Why Shouldn’t You Send Cold Emails From Your Company Domain?
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Establishing the records in your domain’s DNS will take you a step closer to ensuring the proper deliverability of emails and the safety of your domains.

4. Warm Up Your Domain

Newly created domains already have a neutral reputation, so before expanding to the full-blown cycle, it is necessary to warm up the domain. The process is quite simple: send only a handful of emails from your outbound address to people who will respond to your message.

Why Shouldn’t You Send Cold Emails From Your Company Domain?
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Each of the mailboxes on the domain must be warmed up individually. Ideally, the number varies from 5-10 emails that should be warmed about for 3months. Meanwhile, you can focus on the other practices for perfecting the approach before you are finally operating on a large scale.

Wrapping Up

So, now that you know why you shouldn't send cold emails from company domains, we are back to the approach of maximizing cold email outreach efficiency. And what if we told you that there is one platform that will improve your sender reputation, maximize deliverability, help you fix your damaged reputation, automate your sales, and more!

Yes, you read that right! All your problems are solved with just one platform and you won't even have to do anything! With OutReachBin, you will have a specialized team at your service for supporting your entire campaign. Being both a warm-up and cold emailing tool, their services are defined to the point. Send hyper-personalized emails and never miss a follow-up with potential clients. Your sales strategy and our hard work, with cutting-edge tools, open and conversion rates, as well as click-through rates, increase. And all your worries are ours now.

Then what are waiting for? Book a free demo and witness the power of cold email outreach as it takes your business to new heights!

Cold Email Marketing Software: The Making of Your Success Story

Cold email marketing needs no introduction. Deriving higher efficiency, ROI, sales, and building stronger customer relationship management, is there a better mechanism to woo your audience? You bet not. However, implementing the process is not as fluent as the results it drives. Coming up with interesting ideas continuously is no cup of tea. This is especially true when you want to upscale your outreach. With a greater load, the process further becomes cumbersome and exhausting. Thus, cold email marketing software steps in effortlessly.

black laptop computer
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You will be even surprised to learn that most successful campaigns are software-driven. However, in recent years, there has been almost an explosion of such online tools. So, which one do you choose to enhance your sales engagement?

Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert to figure this out. Most email marketing platforms essentially do the same work. However, the variation depends on what you need. Thus, we have got you covered with the top 10 cold email software.


But before diving into the list, let's take a brief moment to review the basics.

Cold Email Marketing Software: What Is It?

A system that automates your entire sales prospecting mechanism. That is cold email software for you. Essentially, such tools have some standardized functions. For example, email tracking, follow-ups, email sequences in automation, and more.

Generally speaking, platforms that are called sales management or engagement tools, usually covers the cold email aspect. However, there are certain must-have characteristics, that set apart specific software meant to serve such campaigns.

Must-Have Features Of Cold Email Marketing Software

Commonly, cold email marketing software shares the following offerings:

Glasses left on a notebook which was recently scribbled on.
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1. Mass Email Personalization

Hyper-personalization, completely automated. You will have everything designed to the T for your emails without breaking a sweat.

2. Automated Email Sequence

By far the most important feature, automated sequence lets you schedule your work efficiently, keeping coherence with various time zones. Some tools may even follow up on the next steps.

3. Tracking Abilities

Are your emails being read, or they are waiting to be deleted? Email tracking enables you to visualize your campaign’s progress.

4. Deliveribility Assurance

The deliverability of emails is of paramount importance. Ensuring that your emails are out of the spam box and being read, maintaining a healthy sender reputation.

5. Integrative

There really is no point in working out everything in software, only to transfer them to a separate workspace for further advance. Hence, if the platform comes with an integrative system, your only job will be to wait for the results.

Top 10 Cold Email Marketing Software

1. OutReachBin

A platform that gets you started in 30minutes. Imagine the amount of time you will save every day. That is OutReachBin for you.

All for Email Outreach features
Image From OutReachBin.

They support email warming, subsequently improving your sender reputation. Not only that, they will design your cold email campaigns from scratch. You just relax, Outreach Bin will send them out, handle your entire campaign. Simultaneously, the platform continuously analyzes your mailing content t to ensure high deliverability rates.

OutReachBin Pricing
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Their pricing package starts with $29 per month, billed yearly. But if you choose monthly payment, the pricing is $39 per month.

All for Email Warmup offers
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Unique Attributes

As used mostly by marketing and advertising professionals, OutReachBin will not disappoint you with its affordable yet savvy and efficient results.

Image of Two different situations, one with OutReachBin software use, the other without.
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They have gained a commendable reputation, personalizing 1500 emails in just under a minute. Almost all their customers have built a stronger, more reliant relationship with their prospects. If you are looking to enhance your sales engagement and boost lead generation with solid outreach measures, OutReachBin is your partner. Try a free demo to learn the ins and outs of how they work.

2. Woodpecker

Despite not being the most cost-effective choice for beginners, Woodpecker has established quite the name. Starting at $40s per month following the 7-day free trial, their services are worth the price. Especially, the software is a top choice owing to the highly interactive and user-friendly interface.

Pricing of Woodpecker
Image From Woodpecker Website.

They aim to provide an artificially intelligent assistant. This comes super handy for sales communication spread across multiple channels. The AI assistant also serves sales boost, lead generation, and other marketing actions.

Moreover, the platform offers personalized emails, follow-ups, CRM integrations all automated. You can even pre-set conditions on the response mails. Thus, your software will subsequently trigger different email actions accordingly.

However, the detailed security and concrete spam filters set their services apart. The software detects duplicate and blacklist addresses along with bounce emails.

Hence, your bulk verification starts right here, with the right bypass feature for spam filters and more. Woodpecker is a contender for its strong domain security. Unfortunately, the software fails to send email attachments, so you will have to do that part manually.

3. SmartReach

Though primarily designed to suit advanced users, SmartReach can be your call too, if you are a perfectionist. They offer intricate personalization and work great to support large teams. Moreover, the tool can support multiple email platforms, including GSuit, Mailgun, Outlook, and others.

SmartReach Plans and Pricing,
Image From SmartReach Website.

However, with better finesse comes higher worth. But you can still check out their services all-feature inclusive for a $24 per month starter pack.

4. GMass

With advanced analytics and automatic follow-ups, GMass comes with a user-friendly interface. You can import contact information from google sheets through GMass. Further, integrating with various software companies depending on your needs.

GMass Price and Plans.
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However, the platform best pairs with Chrome and works only with Gmail and similar G suite accounts. You can try them out for $8.95 per month.

Simple to use as it comes as an extension, GMass enables you to smoothly run campaigns from the signed-up Gmail account. They have a bulk-email lister and scheduling, personalization space, analytics among its key features.

5. Snov.io

Suited best for lead generation, Snov.io, also manages your deal in sales CRM. If you are looking for an all-aid platform, Snov.io makes a great choice. You can use the Gmail extension to measure engagement in your mailbox along with performance statistics.

Pricing For Snov.io
Image from Snov.io website.

They scour data on companies and probable clients to identify the best ones for you. Consequently, the platform imports the information and automatically includes them in your campaign. Amazing right? Plus, they have loads of pricing options available, so you can compare and select whichever you prefer.

6. MailShake

Easy to use, highly personalizable even for bulk emails and automated emails and replies, Mailshake has got it all. You can even preset the follow-up times on your leads. Alongside, you can customize the days and times you wish to schedule the mails, the software will act accordingly.

MailShake Pricing Plans
Image From Mailshake Website.

Mailshake is also integrative with various marketing touchpoints of your campaign. Platforms like LinkedIn and email finder tools along with many other apps through Zapier.

In doubt about your strategies? Or fumbled with below-par results? Mailshake customer success team is there to solve your queries. Hence, you can identify any discrepancies and improve accordingly.

There are two options:

7. Hubspot

Yes, you heard that right! Hubspot is also one of the most sought platforms to boost sales through email marketing among its other offerings. They are known for a collection of high-performing software suits. (hubs, as commonly referred to). With such variety in their operational capacity, Hubspot cuts a clean win.

HubSpot CRM Platform
Image From Hubspot Website

In terms of sales outreach, they offer templates for email, email tracking, phone call recording options, as well as tracking and managing document. The CRM for sales boost is quite enriched to suit upscale outreach needs.

Alongside email automation and meeting scheduler, you can also build live chats on your website with Hubspot Sales Hub.

However, probably its greatest strength is also sometimes its weakness. Since Hubspot does not rely on a singular software for its use, it results in an extensive process. Yes, it is a great choice if you are looking for interdependent communication. But otherwise, creating an ecosystem to facilitate regular conversations may seem off-putting.

They offer loads of pricing strategies along with a free package. Though the free version has limited merging possibilities and features, you can still try it out. There are three other paid versions, starter( $45/month), professional( $450/month) and enterprise( $14,400/year). Head out to Hubspot for more information.

8. Outreach

Outreach facilitates sales flow in the remote world of business now. It concentrates on the primary sales points: sales representatives, the sales funnel itself, operational end, and machine learning of your entire process.

Outreach Pricing Strategies
Image From Outreach Website

However, the platform cuts out the stage for experts and a huge sales team. This is because some of the characteristics are a bit difficult to grasp for beginners and smaller teams. For instance, their extensive analytical power depends on the high volume of input data. Thus, larger teams have a better chance of driving more effective results.

The system offers role hierarchies, CRM sync of role, user profile customization among its top offerings. Unfortunately, they do not disclose pricing information online, but you can always get a custom quote by filling in your details.

9. Reply

Robust as a sales engagement tool, Reply has the vision to push outreach and sales prospecting of firms. They have a unique multi-channel feature. Thus you can expand your reach to various mediums like LinkedIn and others.

Reply Price Quota
Image From Reply Website.

Reply further uses AI to analyze the content quality before you disburse them. Hence, giving you a pretty good idea of the results even before you hit send. Also, you can gain an introspect of your marketing campaigns, constantly improvising.

You can also integrate with other platforms like Hubspot and Vidyard. Furthermore, Reply comes with email and sequence templates, A/B testing among its other features.

The individual plan, including core services, is $70/ month for 1000 contacts, $90/month for 3000 contacts, and $120/month for unlimited contacts for each month. They also have a business plan for $70/$60/$50 for every 3, 5, and 10 users respectively, all unlimited contacts.

For the extra services, an agency package is available, you can contact sales for prices.

10. Yesware

Yesware provides an extension to your existing email account, may that be Gmail or Outlook. Automation features set your scheduling process easy. You can book follow-ups on that prospect in advance, even with pre-designed email sequences.

Yesware Plans& Pricing
Image From Yesware Website.

Further embedded with tracking features, analytics, and insights, they are cost-effective as well. They have three pricing plans, pro($15/month), premium ($35/month), and enterprise ($65/month).

The in-built meeting scheduler lets you send meeting links to your listed contacts as per your plan. Thus, your contacts can pick a convenient meet time, cutting down any back and forth interaction. As you know, time is more worth than money in sales prospecting. Hence, this is an excellent addition to their services.

Moreover, you can also connect the platform to other hubs like LinkedIn, to make lead generation more fluent.

Final Call

Email marketing requires extensive research of your target audience’s tastes and demands. Not to forget, your campaign survey results must be streamlined. Hence, using a single platform that performs multiple actions in seconds, is a win-win.

Therefore, if you are looking for cold email marketing software, OutReachBin can be a perfect option for you. It offers a one-stop platform to solve your cold email marketing issues. From small to expansive teams, beginners, and experts inclusive, OutReachBin is a convergent yet diversified software. So, refined results at the best prices, what are you waiting for? Book a call today!