How to Warm Up My Domain Before Email Outreach

Email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques to help your business find leads if done correctly. Today, for every $1 spent on each email, you get about $42 in Return On Investment. However, with the rising popularity of sending promotional emails in bulk, there comes the risk of burning your domain reputation or being censored.

And so far, if you have been researching this marketing tactic, you may have also seen or heard people claiming 'it's a thing in the past.' However, while there are risks about cold emails, such as your mails ending up in your receiver's spam list, there are ways you can avoid that. Enter domain warm-up.

domain warm up

Domain warm-up is the process that ensures that your emails have a high deliverability rate, meaning your emails are reaching your customers and not their spam folder. Thus, this includes going through each measure that may make or break your domain reputation. So, if you want to learn about all the steps to warm up your domain manually, then keep on reading.

In this article, we will walk you through the following aspects,


What Do You Mean by Domain Warm Up? And Why is it Necessary?

Email Warm-up refers to gradually sending well-crafted personalized emails to your targeted customers from a domain to build your reputation from the engagement. Email domain helps you maintain the deliverability of your emails by protecting and or improving your domain reputation so that your campaign reaches your target audience successfully. What is domain reputation, you ask? Domain reputation is what Mailbox Providers or ISPs use to identify spam texts.

As the number of B2B businesses using email outreach increased over the years, top email servers such as Gmail, Zoho, Yahoo, AOL felt the need to build spam detectors to identify and filter out the spam texters from the bunch. Remember the seemingly random emails you get now and then, even if you have never consented to it? The idea is to stop these spammers from flooding your inbox with unsolicited texts by keeping a score of how many emails you receive from them and how they perform.

domain warm up process

And in 2022, maintaining domain reputation is becoming more challenging than ever, as you run the risk of a failed campaign if your emails do not get enough engagement as well. So even if you have a well-crafted email campaign, chances are your mails may never even reach your target audience. And in a worst-case scenario, your domain may get rendered useless.

While you can recover an email or control your copy and prospect base, a burned-out domain reputation is irrecoverable. But, on the bright side, warming up your domain will help you to not only get your emails delivered to the correct folder but protect your reputation as well. Result? A higher turnover rate and Return On Investment.

Why is Domain Warm Up so Time Consuming?

If you are familiar with email warm-up, you will find it quite similar to that of domain warm-up. However, warming up a domain is a lengthier process due to the restrictions that follow.

For starters, you should always start your email outreach campaign with a new domain. And remember that it should be a domain name that resembles your main account. Why? Because each email has a domain reputation. When you start using your main account for email outreach, the Mailbox Providers or ISPs may think of them as suspicious behaviour. In such a case, you risk losing your main account if they mark your account as spam and burn out your domain name.

Just as it takes decades for someone to build their reputation, domain reputation does not build up overnight as well. You need to use a new domain for at least two years to build up a good domain reputation, and it only increases over time.

And for this very reason why it is never a good idea to use your company's domain as your outreach program. Because even though your company may have a good reputation and email outreach records that shield it from getting burned out, marketers still advise that you follow the former rather than the latter.

Warming Up Domain Before Cold Email Outreach: The Step by Step Process Along with its Prerequisites

Many things may set you off on the wrong foot when it comes to email outreach, for instance, sending bulk emails through a domain that is yet to be warmed up, having a poor addressee list, sounding like a bot, setting up more than one email account before warm-up, and many more.

And although there are indeed no rule books available, the following approach can help you maintain the right frequency to warm up your domain. While in some cases, it may take up to 30 days to build a reputation, others may take up to 3 months or more than that, based on the number of emails sent per day, the volume of your bulk emails, and the quality of your addressee list.

Step 1. Setting Up an Email Account at a Time

Start by setting up one email at a time that you will be using for your email outreach. And note that to maintain consistency when it comes to your new domain name with the primary account. Because when you select a domain name that is different from your website, it may confuse your targeted consumer.

creating email account

Now, learn the number of emails you are allowed per day according to your email provider. That way, you will know the number of mails you are authorized to send from each email address, which may be anything between 500 to 1000; for instance, for any G-Suite users, you are only allowed 500 emails per day unless you upgrade to premium. And always remember that it is always wise to start slow and wait at least 1 or 2 months before you set up another email.

Step 2. Customizing Your Email Outreach

The next step is to personalize your email to authenticate your account. So, this is where you set up a Mail Exchange record or MX for your new domain to collect replies. Now, how do you configure your emails so that it reaches each customer?

First, you need to set up the Front Line and the Email Signatures. Then you ought to create a Sender Policy Framework or SPF for Return Path Domain or RPD, which will help you authenticate your email address. Then, moving on, set up a DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIM, which will work as an additional safety net to protect your emails from getting restricted and authenticate the messages you are sending in your email outreach. That said, some providers deliver pre-adjusted domains, in which case you will be able to skip this process.

email outreach

The idea is not to sound like a bot, so when the Mailbox Providers or ISPs evaluate your emails, they do not list you as spam. However, it is pretty easy to lose the human touch when sending bulk emails at once. That is why you should continually formulate the mail like you would for your friend or colleague.

To not land on the red zone, you need to modify each email according to the recipient. Additionally, remember to not send all your emails at once and schedule them throughout the day using any email outreach tool.

Step 3. Sending a Few Emails Manually

Before initiating your outreach campaign, remember to wait for at least a week or two so that your domain is completely ready with the configurations. By the second week, when your domain is ready, you can now move on to warm it up manually.

Start by sending a handful of emails per day and gradually intensify the ratio. In such a case, you may want to start by sending 20 to 30 emails per day to your friends or colleagues first as a trial run and ask them to reply in return. This way, you are already off to a good start since your friends will not mark your texts as spam, and your domain will earn points by gaining email deliverability. And even better if they send you feedback to work on rectifying the mistakes.

While this process may be time-consuming, it poses few risks. And once your domain gets settled, you can start sending emails in bulk.

Step 4. Setting Up an Automated Test Campaign with Outreachbin

In this step, you need to first check your domain reputation with the help of tools such as Google Postmaster Tools to understand how your domain is precisely performing. Next, you can set up your outreach campaign using automation tools. And in this case, you can go for OutReachBin.

How to Warm Up My Domain Before Email Outreach

How to create a test campaign with OutReachBin? Once you sign up to OutReachBin, create a CSV, and warm up your email, you can move on to start the campaign. First, enable two ways of authentication factor for Google. Then click on Create Campaign on OutReachBin, name the campaign and select CSV to upload the file that you had created earlier.

Next, select the custom variables. Now, here you will have the option to verify your emails which will ensure that the emails you will be sending will not bounce back. Moving on, set up your customized emails and add follow-ups. Last but not least, adjust the schedule, including dates, frequency, and much more.

Finally, select the email, and the tool will automate the entire process. So this way, you can evaluate the performance of your campaign before you send out emails in bulk, which will save you from possible mistakes.

How to Know if the Warm-Up Worked? And What to Do Next?

Once your test run is successful, you can start with your campaign. Begin with sending emails in small amounts. Understand this, the more you are patient with the campaign, the more you will increase email deliverability and clicks.

Now, it all comes down to tracking your performance and readjusting and modifying your campaign to avoid minor setbacks. In this case, you can use the tracking tool by OutReachBin to monitor the activities of your email, for instance, the bounce rate, the clicks, and the reach.

And finally, always reply and follow up with your emails. With an email outreach campaign, almost 55% of the replies come from follow-ups since there is a high possibility of emails getting mixed up in the bunch during the first time. However, ensure that you are not sending duplicate emails to the same recipient each time. Remember to personalize your emails each time and schedule them at a healthy interval.

Final Takeaways

Domain Warm-Up may ask for a lot of patience, but the results are always worth the wait. So do not rush in and risk getting your domain fried up. And while you may accomplish this entire process manually, there is always a helping hand.

With OutReachBin, you get to automate your entire outreach campaign, including warming up your domain, tracking email performance, and much more. So sign-up today and get ahead with your email marketing.

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Email Templates for Web Designers

Web Design Services is one of the most booming and competitive industries in the market today. Thanks to the ever-so-evolving world of technology, businesses nowadays identify the importance of personalized websites and have thus adapted to them to market their products and services. And this has led to a plethora of opportunities to open up for web designers. But what good will it do if they cannot grasp these opportunities?

Today, there are more than a thousand freelancers with top-rated certified profiles online, making it difficult for web designers new to the industry to generate leads. That is why freelancers worldwide have been compelled to look for different ways to pitch their services to potential customers, cold email being one of them.

EMAIL - Cold Email Templates for Web Designers

Cold Email is an outbound marketing and sales technique used to connect with prospective leads to boost sales and Return On Investment. While cold email itself can be tricky to master, it can help web designers generate a consistent flow of leads when done right. So if you are someone who wants to incorporate cold email templates with your marketing campaign and looking for well-structured templates to use, then you have come to the right place.

From this article, you will be taking away the following aspects:


What is Cold Email? And How Does it Work for Web Designers?

Cold email is the process used to pitch your products and services to uncontacted customers. It is generally the very first mail sent to your potential leads with whom you are yet to form a relationship, hence the term "Cold Email.”

Unlike cold calls, cold emails are less intrusive, hence their higher success rate. The purpose of a cold email is to help you reach out to your potential leads with personalized emails and connect with them by sparking up a conversation. Thus, this allows you to form a business relationship with your prospective leads and nurture them to turn into paying customers.

Cold Email Template
Source: Pinterest

Even with the paradigm shift towards outreach campaigns, cold emails have proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques for finding new prospects. And this is what makes cold email the perfect marketing strategy for web designers new to the industry. It helps them form direct connections with their potential customers and cost-effectively build brand awareness.

How to Design Perfect Cold Email Templates

The downside to Cold Email marketing that scares most people is that it can easily be deemed as intrusive by clients. And that increases the risks of losing potential customers. However, specific strategies help eliminate the chances of that, such as:

  1. Clearly state your name and the purpose of your mail.
  2. Research the clients and design the mail that caters to their needs.
  3. Research and verify which customers to mail.
  4. Try to sound like a natural person and craft a mail that is engaging to read.
  5. Insert testimonials and portfolios to increase your credibility.
  6. Mention similar work experience with other clients and show proven results.
  7. Point out how you can help them out.
  8. Follow-up.
Email Notification - Cold Email Templates for Web Designers

6 Best Cold Email Templates for Web Designers

When it comes to Cold Email, there are specific nuances that can make or break the deal for you, which is why we have designed six highly-functional email templates that you can gather ideas from to stand out in front of your clients.

To Send an Open-Ended Pitch

As the title suggests, this is a value proposition email to introduce yourself and your services to your prospective customers. Therefore, this email should be short and just enough to give your customers a glimpse of your previous work experience and how you will use them. Thus, if your recipients consider making any updates to their websites in the future, they think of your services.


Subject: Do you need help modifying (website's name)?

Hi (recipient's first name),

I am (your first name), a freelance web designer working with (specific industry) companies in (location) to help with their website needs. I can see that your company has recently launched a new product. I hope they are performing well.

That said, I have worked with (company's name) during their previous product launch and helped their sales and organic traffic increase by almost 90%. You can get a better idea from my online portfolio (insert link). If you are looking for someone to modify your website and increase your ROI, please let me know.


(your name).

To Prospects Looking for Web Designers

If you have been working as a freelance web designer for a while now, you would know that referrals are not always enough. You need to check job listings consistently and search for vacant positions.

Now, although most of these companies may look for in-house designers, you may still want to sell your pitch to them and make them understand why you are a better option. While some may prefer working with agencies or full-time employees, others may be open to discussion.


Subject: About the recent job vacancy for the position of website designer.

Hi (recipient's first name),

I work as a freelance web designer with (your niche) companies and help their websites perform better. I just came across your vacancy post online, and it looks like there is scope to modify your website.

I have recently worked with three different agencies (name of the agencies) and helped them increase their conversion rate by 70%. So, I think I will be the perfect fit for the job.

If you are open to working with a freelance web designer, feel free to reach out to me.


(your name).

To Spark Up a Business Idea

If you have been working in this industry for a while now and have gathered different ideas or techniques that can help a website perform better, you can pitch them to companies with similar views as yours.

Often, reaching out to customers and selling your ideas to them may work in your favor. But this can also be tricky since you do not want to sound disrespectful of their current methods of maintaining a webpage. So, this template can help you do business with companies that have already considered pursuing similar techniques to improve their website and are looking for people who can help them incorporate that within their website.


Subject: Website ideas for (company's name).

Hello (recipient's name),

I am a website designer specializing in (your industry) and helping companies redesign their websites. I recently stumbled upon your website, and I like what you have done with it so far.

That said, I wanted to reach out to you because I had a few ideas to share on how you can improve your website's current performance, for instance, adding a feedback section, adding blogs, notifying customers on recent sales.

I have previously worked with (company name) companies and helped them increase their sales funnel. So, if you are looking to redesign and help with your website SEO, I can help you with that.

With regards,

(your name).

To Search for Referrals

Referrals can be one of the most effective ways of increasing your network. The more your customers talk about your service to other people, the more it increases your chances to generate potential leads. That is why using word of mouth is considered a great tool to increase your credibility and reputation as a brand in the local market.

The trick here is to request a referral right after handing over a project to your clients and giving them an incentive to carry out the referrals. So, if they are happy with your service, they will be open to suggest your name to their friends and families who need similar services.


Hello (client's first name),

I hope that the (project's name) has been performing well and bringing out the required results for (company's name) since the last time we spoke.

If you are happy with the results and know someone who needs similar services for their businesses, please consider referring my name to them. In doing so, I can get you a 10% discount on your next project with us or a 10% commission from the monthly packages they choose.

Again, it was a pleasure working with you.

Best wishes,

(your name).

To Seek Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways of selling your pitch to new customers because it validates your claim and increase your credibility as a brand to them at the same time.


Subject: A small request to get a testimonial

Hello (recipient's name),

It was a pleasure working with your team and helping everyone get the result they needed. Thanks to everyone for believing in my work.

I would appreciate it if you could spare me some time from your busy schedule and be open to leaving a short testimonial for me that I can use on my portfolio? It would look good on my portfolio. I have attached a few templates to choose from (add templates link). However, feel free to use your own words.

Thanks in advance,

(your name).

To Follow-Up

Did you know that almost 55% of the replies from clients come from follow-up emails? That is because most of the time, your recipients tend to miss your mail or even forget to reply to them even if they are interested in working with you. So a follow-up email helps you ensure that you are not missing out on those opportunities.


Subject: (similar to the initial mail).

Hi ( recipient's name),

I am a website designer specializing in (your industry) and helping companies redesign their websites. I am reaching out to see if you would still be interested in working with me to redesign your website. Based on the recent product launches of your company, I have a few ideas to share that can help you boost your sales.

Previously, I have worked with (previous clients' names) to help them redesign and modify their website and increase their sales and conversion rate by 60%. In case you are interested, feel free to reach out to me.


(your name).

Final Takeaways

What we can gather from this article is that Cold Email is one of the very few marketing strategies that will not only minimize your costs but bring about the most impact.

Whether you are an aspiring web designer or have been in this industry for a while, Cold Email can be a great way to start your outreach marketing campaign. With the help of the templates above, you can craft the email that fits your needs.

That said, if you are looking for a tool that can outsource this entire process, then OutreachBin is the way to go. With the help of OutreachBin,

So better waste no time and sign up today to optimize your cold email marketing campaign.