7 Outstanding Cold Recruiting Emails Templates [Framework+Process]

January 29, 2022

    Finding out candidates is easy. Rather what is challenging is to engage with them.

    According to LinkedIn's hiring statistics, 70% of the current job market is labeled "passive talent." Therefore, it's difficult to strike up a conversation with someone not looking for a new job.

    But a great cold recruiting email template can do the job for you.

    Cold Recruiting Emails Templates
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    The usual applicant response rate is not more than 20-25 percent for most recruiters.

    But Jonathan Campbell, the CEO of SocialTalent, claims that your recruiting cold email response rate will be a whopping 65% with just a little effort.

    You are just one cold email away from attracting your star candidate. Nonetheless, how should you reach out to candidates whose work left you speechless or to the ones who have been recommended by a professional?

    Don't worry. We have got you covered.

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    • Cold recruiting emails are a great way to get the best professionals in your team.
    • Inserting AIDA into your cold recruiting outreach campaign can do wonders.
    • Your subject lines will decide the fate of your cold emails.
    • Evoking FOMO in your recipient is a great strategy to manipulate them.
    • Your email will only be noticed in a pool of emails when it has something to be noticed. Personalization can be a great help in this regard.
    • Your email should not exceed the word limit of 100 words.
    • The cold recruiting email should not be all about yourself. Let your passive candidate know why they are important to you.
    • Personalized CTA is a great tool to increase your metrics.
    • Automating your cold recruiting outreach can ease your pain.

    How To Craft Great Cold Recruiting Email Template: The Framework

    Recruiting agencies are currently adapting the "quality over quantity" mindset. Well researched and personalized emails are getting more preference than bulk emails.

    Recruiters are quickly adopting the AIDA model to outreach their passive candidates.

    As a B2B marketer, you are already familiar with AIDA's concept. Yet here is a short description for those who aren't.

    AIDA is the acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

    AIDA model
    Image Source: HubSpotAIDA

    The AIDA strategy is straightforward. You can successfully convert your passive candidate to your employee with four simple steps.

    The first step is to catch the attention of the reader. A great subject line and opening line plays a crucial role in this aspect.

    Once you have grabbed the attention, the next task is to spark their interest. Some social proof can work in this regard.

    After piquing attention is done, the next thing you need to do is to stimulate their desire. You can do so by offering the benefits they will get as your employee. Additionally, you should also mention what role they will play to your company's benefit.

    Finally, after you have accumulated their desire to work with you, it's time to show some action. In other words, craft a clear and concise CTA.

    Great Cold Recruiting Email Templates: Process Breakdown

    Make the Subject Line Matter

    Finances online claim that 64% of recipients open emails based on the subject line.

    A perfectly crafted cold email will be left unread just because of not having an intriguing subject line. Hence, there is no way to undermine the necessity of a great subject line.

    Finances Online Cold Recruiting Emails Templates

    Your subject line has to be short yet meticulous. Since many users open most of their emails on their phones, therefore, your subject lines have to be crisp.

    You can measure the efficacy of your subject lines through A/B testing. How? Send 2 different subject lines of the same email to two other groups. See which one scores more. In this way, you will understand how to craft subject lines according to your target audience.

    Personalization Makes Your Email Stand Out

    You are competing with 120 emails to get your desired personnel's attention.

    Since the competition is high, your email must have something that will compel the person to respond.

    Personalizing cold recruiting emails is a tried and tested technique to increase metrics.

    Whether you are a rookie in cold outreach or a professional, you will love the seamless features of OutReachBin. You can also store and organize information about candidates and automate your email campaigns.

    Evoking FOMO Can Do Wonders

    FOMO is not only a Gen Z thing. It works in email marketing as well. But in different ways.

    Stimulating FOMO will compel your recipient to take action. Even in cold outreach to a passive candidate.

    Since FOMO provokes an emotion, it also creates a sense of urgency.

    However, I do not encourage you to be impudent about it. There can only be a subtle touch of what they will miss if they don't grab the offer you have presented.

    The More Concise Your Email Is, The Better

    8 seconds is all you have to make a scene and capture your audience's attention. Therefore, everything must be brief and precise, from the subject line to the email body.

    Boomerang conducted a study on 40 million emails to determine the ideal length of emails with the highest response rate. According to the research, 75 to 100 words was the sweet spot.

    We understand your urge to share a lot of information with your recipient, but you also have to understand their busy schedule.

    Create a copy that is concise, descriptive, and action-oriented. Provide vital information that is pertinent to your applicants. Avoid using lingo in your email copy, and keep it basic so your proposal jumps out.

    That being said, your recruiting email should not be devoid of personality or imagination. Good writing aims to help your audience grasp your service and its benefits. That is what will push people to act.

    It's Not You; It's Them

    This is the most common mistake even committed by professional recruiters. They make the emails all about them. But it was supposed to be about the passive candidates.

    But this does not mean you should not introduce yourself. Of course, you should. But instead of telling them what your company can do, tell them what your company can do together with their assistance.

    This provides more value to your email and approaches engaging simultaneously.

    Before you propose your values, you should know what they are. Think about the result you can produce for your leads utilizing your powers. This understanding will pave the way for crafting meaningful content.

    Your CTA Will Speak For You

    Obviously, as a recruiter, you aim to speed up your communication through your recruiting email. However, you must also provoke a reaction or compel them to act. Once you are done with your subject line and email body, it's time for you to focus on getting people to click.

    Personalized CTAs pave the way for engagement in recruiting emails. The secret of crafting the perfect CTA is to conduct A/B testing to figure out the type of CTA that caters to the needs of your target audience.

    Recruiters often need to communicate with personas across industries, expertise, and positions. Hence, the tone of CTA should be modified according to the target audience.

    Some Great Cold Recruiting Email Template

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #1 Outreaching To A Passive Candidate

    Email Subject: [First name of the candidate], X Company is searching for people like you.

    Dear [first name],

    I am [your name] the [job position, i.e., HR or Head of communication] of X company.

    We are looking for someone to join our [team name, i.e., design team, sales team]. After coming across your profile, I felt you would be the perfect match for this role.

    We completely understand if you are not open to working; however, if you want to hear more about the company and the position, we can set up a call at your convenience.

    Eagerly await your response.


    [Email Signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #2 Outreaching A Candidate You Found Through LinkedIn

    Email Subject: [First name of the candidate], you have a magnificent LinkedIn profile.

    Hey [first name],

    I was searching for potential candidates for [job opening] at X company, and I happened to come across your profile.

    I am impressed with your profile. Considering the amount of expertise you have in this field and your experience of X years [mention candidate's experience in that field], there is no better person for this role than you. I have already forwarded your information and LinkedIn profile link to the recruiting manager.

    We, at X company, work with [ give a brief description about your company].

    Although you are associated with [candidate's current company], if you want to know more about this job, drop a reply to this email, and I will set up a call at your convenience.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

    Best wishes,

    [Email signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #3 Outreaching A Recommended Candidate

    Subject Line: [Referrer's name] recommended you for [job position] at X company.

    Hi [first name],

    I am [your name], the [your designation] at X company.

    We currently have a job vacancy at X company. After hearing about your impressive work in this field for X years from [Referrer's name], I think you are the perfect fit for this role.

    Here's the link to the job offer, and this is the link for our company website's profile.

    If you are open to working right now and interested in knowing more, drop a quick reply to this email. I will set up a call at your convenience.


    [Email signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #4 Outreaching A Candidate Based On Their Work

    Email Subject: [First name], I enjoyed reading your blog on [topic]

    Dear [first name],

    I stumbled upon your [candidate's website where they have published the blog, i.e., Medium] when I searched for an article on [topic of the blog].

    I am pretty impressed by your achievements at [candidate's company name].

    We, at X company, are looking to expand our [team name].

    Your expertise and skills tell me that there is no better candidate than you for this role.

    Let's have a quick call regarding this? Shoot a quick email mentioning the date and time if you are interested.

    Have a good day.

    [Email signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #5 A Template To Spark Interest

    Email subject: Interested in joining X company?

    Hey [first name],

    I recently stumbled across your profile on [LinkedIn or any other relevant platform], and your background grabbed my attention.

    I am the [your position] at X company, and we are on a lookout for someone like you for [job position] at X company

    Here's the link to the job description [attach link].

    Would you like to discuss this position more?


    [Email signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #6 Outreaching A Passive Candidate For Recommending Someone

    Email subject: [first name], we are looking out for someone like you.

    Hi [first name],

    I am [your name], X company's [job title].

    I discovered your profile while looking for a potential candidate for [job position] for X company.

    You seem to have the perfect experience and skill set for this role. That's why I am checking you out.

    Although I know that you are currently working for [candidate's company name], I understand if you are not interested. But can you refer me to someone with a similar background? However, the best would be if you are open to partake in this role.

    Either way, I am awaiting your response.


    [Email signature]

    Cold Recruiting Email Templates #7 Outreaching A Candidate For A Hard-To-Fill Position

    Email Subject: [First name], your expertise in [area name] is what we are looking for!

    Hey [first name],

    I have been hesitant to reach out to you, seeing that you have worked with [candidate's company name].

    I think your expertise and experience fit our requirements impeccably.

    This is a leap in the dark, yet if you want to make a move in your career, I would be more than happy to offer you the role of [job designation] at X company located at [city name].

    Let me know what you think, and we can pursue further discussion over a call at your convenience.

    Take care,

    [Email signature]

    No One Has The Time To Craft One-to-One Email For Every Candidate, That's Why We Have Got Your Back

    Recruiting is an arduous process.

    Identifying potential prospects, evaluating them, contacting the best ones to track down that fantastic applicant, and following up all take time.

    CV and metrics
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    This interviewing procedure will take much longer than usual if the proper tools are not used.

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    Article written by Masrura Tahiat
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