13 Reasons Why Your Cold Outreach Failed

February 14, 2022

    The struggle of marketers to get a better outcome from their cold email strategy is real. Cold outreach is a proven way to connect with your potential leads. Successful cold outreach opens the doors of endless possibilities. But if done wrong, it can bring misery to your marketing strategy.

    It is not easy to craft a successful cold email outreach. It requires hours of hard work, pitching new ideas, most importantly, patience.

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    Marketers are at a loss while starting their cold email campaigns. That's why we've compiled a list of the most common cold emailing mistakes so that you don't have to

    Avoid these mistakes and watch your cold email campaign's metrics soaring high.


    • Cold emails have the potency to generate more leads.
    • Some mistakes can completely wreck your effort behind cold emails.
    • A big introduction about yourself or rambling about your company will not do much in cold outreach.
    • The subject line can break it or make it.
    • The optimum number of including CTA is 1.
    • Using generic templates gives you generic results
    • Follow-up emails can turn the table around in cold outreach.
    • Automating tools are an absolute necessity in cold email campaigns.
    • The number of emails you send per day to your clients impacts your domain reputation.
    • Timing has a significant role to play in cold outreach.

    Why Do Cold Emails Matter?

    Cold emails are a terrific way to promote your brand to potential customers. They are also a cheap way to meet new people valuable to your business. As a result, you can't afford to keep making cold email blunders.

    Many marketers have claimed that cold emails have helped them build better business relationships.

    cold emails

    Moreover, cold emails allow you to contact your target audience directly. In cold outreach, you can identify your audience, categorize them, and send them the exact offers they need. This imposes the whole focus on people who will benefit from your products and service.

    Considering all the essential benefits of cold emails, it is easy to understand why successful marketers emphasize cold outreach. Therefore, it will not be exaggerating to say even one mistake in a cold email can cost a lot.

    13 Reasons Why Your Cold Outreach Failed

    The Big Fat Introductions

    I hate to be the one to break it to you. Your audience doesn't care about your whereabouts. It hurts; I get it.

    But just put yourself in their shoes. On average, email users receive 121 emails every day. It is impossible to read all of them. Hence they also had to cut them short.

    The less time your email takes out of their busy schedule, the better impression you make.

    Fallacious Subject Lines

    Your subject lines are a powerful weapon in your cold outreach. You get an open hopping rate, click-through rate, and response rate if you use them correctly.

    faulty email subject
    Source: https://leantesting.userecho.com/

    However, there is a practice among many marketers to craft deceptive subject lines or not put any effort behind your subject lines.

    Many newbie marketers ask about the ideal length of a subject line. But I think more than the length; you should focus on what your subject line contains.

    The subject line you craft has to appeal to your audience. Putting a bunch of exclamatory signs won't work for you. Ensure the subject line you craft is captivating and relevant to your email body.

    Making It All About Yourself

    We understand the strong urge to say it all to your potential customer. But you have to cut it down to the basics.

    You might think portraying everything you have to offer is a good start, but no. It is the ultimate killer of your cold outreach.

    The focus should be on one single product or service. You can add the other ones in follow-ups if relevant to your previous offerings.

    Another common cold email mistake many marketers make is providing the audience with hypothetical situations.

    Remember that you are contacting someone with whom you never had any encounter. Keep it simple and keep it relevant to their needs.

    Jargon Words

    Jargon words add a robotic tone to your emails. Avoid them as much as possible.

    Your cold email should sound like you are having a face-to-face conversation with your recipient. You can ensure this by reading it out loud or making someone read it aloud to you.

    Too Many CTAs

    One CTA at a time- that's a rule of thumb for adding CTAs. Because too many CTAs confuse your audience, they end up doing nothing.

    The purpose of any marketing strategy is to pitch sales by converting your audience to clients. Hence, avoid adding multiple CTAs to your emails.

    Pro tip: you can also increase the click-through rates if you include the link of your website's homepage in your cold emails.

    Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors

    Typos, spelling, and grammatical errors are the silliest reasons to fail cold email outreach. All of your hard work will go in vain because of these errors.

    To avoid these mistakes, you should have them proofread by someone.

    Generic Emails/Templates

    Your email should look like a human-to-human conversation, not a template-to-human conversation. Sending out generic emails or sending templates does no good to your cold email outreach.

    email template
    Source: https://help.pipelinecrm.com/

    Along with the subject line, you should also focus on your email body, especially on your email's first line, because most email users open their mail on their phones. When the notification of an email pops up on the phone, the first line can be read from the notification bar. If the first line is not intriguing enough, it can sweep away the chances of increasing your open rates.

    Another common mistake many marketers make is to replace the template details. It is okay to use relevant templates that are engaging and intriguing. But you should ensure that you have personalized the template catering to your audience's needs.

    Avoiding Email Signatures

    Email signatures work to build credibility in your cold outreach. Hence, don't make the mistake of avoiding email signatures.

    Signatures contain all the information your prospects need to know about you- your name, company name, job position, company logo, email ID, contact number, one or two social media links.

    Therefore, it allows you to satisfy the urge to include information regarding you in the email body.

    Avoiding CTAs

    We have already mentioned how too many CTAs can affect your cold outreach. But some marketers also make the mistake of not including any CTA.

    One CTA is a must-have for every marketing email. The CTA should be relevant to your email's content.

    Thinking Your Prospect Is "Not Interested"

    Cold outreach kind of feels awkward. It's like knocking on strangers' doors and telling them about what you have to sell.

    But it has proven to be efficient for many marketers. Hence, it might look strange, but you should follow up with your clients.

    Follow-ups are necessary. Let me tell you why. Your perfectly crafted email may land on your prospect's inbox, who is in desperate need of a service like yours. But they forgot to mail you back.

    A gentle follow-up mail will remind them about it, and they will immediately respond. Hence, there is no need to shy away after sending one cold email.

    follow up email
    Source: https://sleeknote.com/

    Even if that is not the case, there is no need to assume that you will get a response in your first email. You will most likely have a response from your leads in your 3rd or 4th email.

    The First Follow-Up

    The tone of your first follow-up should not be apologetic. Neither should it be a "checking-in" email.

    Instead, ask them if they had the chance to review this email (again, it's okay to miss out on one email in the plethora of emails) or if they want to proceed or not.

    The Second Follow-Up

    Don't make the mistake of asking if they have noticed your email. They might have, but your email may have lacked value that could have made them respond.

    The second follow-up is an excellent chance to build credibility with your email. If you are in B2B marketing, you can include feedback from other companies. Moreover, you can also use a statistical report that proves how your methods work in that industry. All in all, your prospect should feel they are missing out on something big after reading your email.

    The Final Follow-Up Or Break Up Email

    Many marketers will suggest follow-up 4 or 5 times, but it is better to keep it down to three times. The final follow-up should state its purpose clearly.

    You may ask them what features they would like you to add to your service. The email should not feel like you are trying to sell something. Rather, it should have a tone that you are asking for their help.

    No segmentation and customization

    Let's end this problem once and for all none of your audience should feel they are just another number. Every audience is special. Hence you have to treat them right.

    If you send the same mail to everyone and think your cold outreach will be special, you are making a big mistake.

    Put efforts behind your cold outreach. The emails your prospects receive from you should resonate with their lives. It should address their pain points, and your service should appear as a savior to them. Make them feel heard.

    You have to segment your prospect base and customize every email to do this. It will require hours of hard work, but I bet you will not regret it.

    Not Automating Your Cold Email Campaigns

    The above point tells you the value of personalization, segmentation, and customization. But you will need to spend tons of emails, and there will be a huge clientele.

    Scary, right? Well, it is. Managing a large prospect base, segmenting them, and catering to all of their needs is not easy to conduct manually.

    That's why you need an email automation tool. And by email automation tools, I mean the efficient ones, like OutReachBin.

    outreachbin's website
    Image from OutReachBin

    OutReachBin is one of the efficient and affordable automation tools. It will allow you to send multiple emails to a large number of audiences while catering to their needs.

    Moreover, it follows up with your clients while you sit back and relax.

    Cold outreach is already a tough job. There are many things that only you can do in cold outreach. Hence, delegate your work to an efficient automation tool and make life easier.

    However, before you impose the responsibility on an automation tool, you should check certain things. Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of money.

    The data should be in the right place and contain the correct information. Go thoroughly through your database to check if everything is in place.

    Letting The Negativity Rule

    Your cold emails can upset people. It is a regular occurrence of cold outreach, and the only way to deal with it is to stop holding it back.

    This also lets you comprehend what mistakes you are making and how you approach people in cold outreach.

    There will only be a handful of people responding to your cold emails compared to the number of people you send. You don't need to think about those. Instead, you will know that they are not interested in your service and cut them from your database for good.

    Few Things To Keep In Mind

    Number of Cold Emails

    You have a restriction from your ESP on how many emails you can send every day. Crossing the limit will mark you as spam to your ESP which can harm your domain reputation.

    You can send only 200 emails daily. If your account is new, then less than that. New email accounts should not send bulk emails at once. Otherwise, the ESP can shut the account. Instead, the new accounts should go through the warm-up process first.


    Your email campaign's metrics will tell you when you should send emails. However, it should not be on weekends or holidays, in any circumstances. This will just reduce the chance of your emails being opened.

    Pay close attention to your email campaign's metrics and find out the time that best works for your audience. You can also run A/B testing to see which time works best for your clients.

    Wrap Up

    As previously said, a cold email may be a robust tool for generating new quality leads and forming long-term business partnerships. It's a terrific method to connect with leads who might like you but don't know you yet. And this potency of cold outreach is precisely why it can function in both directions. It has the potential to harm your reputation and turn people away from you.

    Hence your cold email must be outstanding and should spur interest in your leads. Automation tools like OutReachBin can save you time and money. Book a demo today ace your cold outreach strategy.

    Article written by Abir
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