10 Best Cold Email Software in 2022

August 8, 2021

    Among three types of leads, hot, warm, and cold, the trickiest one to deal with is cold leads. Cold email is a great way to break the ice and initiate a conversation. You'll need effective cold email software if you want to succeed with your cold email marketing campaign.

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    There has been an explosion of software tools available to assist you to automate and expand your cold email prospecting over the last few years. These latest versions of cold email marketing software now include features that allow you to automate your follow-ups, assuring the highest email deliverability rate possible for your campaigns.

    From the wide range of software available, it is challenging to find out which ones are worth taking the shot.

    In this guide, we have assimilated the best 10 cold email software with their details and current market performance. Before that, we’ll try to guide you through all the features you need to look for in the best cold email software.

    Table of contents:

    What To Look For In Your Cold Email Software

    Using cold email software is a solid way to increase your email outreach and conversions.

    But, with hundreds of such tools to choose from, how can you know which one is appropriate for you?

    Here are three crucial features you need to consider in cold email software:

    Import and segment prospects

    You are already using so many different software tools in your business. The cold email software you are planning to choose should auto import prospect lists from any source you need.

    Because not all prospects are equal, the software should be able to segment and categorize them. It should enable you to tag and build lists by grouping prospects based on particular criteria, such as recently contacted prospects, bounced prospects, unsubscribed prospects, and prospects that are actively interacting.

    Personalize, track and automate

    Personalization is an essential feature because it helps to make meaningful connections. Good cold email software has a wide range of personalization features to make your emails more targeted.

    Invest in software that provides powerful email tracking features such as open rates, link clicks, and response rates.

    Cold email software automates the process of creating and sending emails. Look for software that does the bulk of the work for you, such as generating mailing lists, mass email personalization, and sending cold emails and follow-ups automatically.

    Smart dashboard

    A smart cold email software features a shared dashboard for all of your team’s campaigns, inbox rotation to alter who sends emails, and analytics to compare the overall performance.

    Best Cold Email Software in 2021

    1. OutreachBin

    OutreachBin helps you to focus on your business while making cold email marketing as simple as possible. It is a cutting-edge software specifically designed to make the cold email game quicker, easier, and far more effective.

    outreachbin home

    Here’s a quick overview of all the key features of OutreachBin:

    • Hyper personalized emails: OutreachBin makes the personalization simple. Just upload your samples and it will mix and match the copy. It can create 1500+ personalized emails and every email looks as if you spent time and effort writing it.
    • Ensures deliverability: OutreachBin uses an email warm-up process that works by sending emails to a peer-to-peer network of users and move them from spam to inbox. This ensures your email is delivered in the right place and gets the more open rate as high as 50-70%.
    • Automation: The customers at OutreachBin have seen significant improvement in sales with the help of its automated follow-up sequence. They can write, send, schedule, reply and move cold emails out of spam automatically.
    • Time-efficient: For writing 30 emails, OutreachBin has a reputation of saving 5 hours per day.
    • Convenient for a large team: As there are no additional costs for extra team members, the whole company can use one account to strengthen outreach campaigns.


    OutreachBin has a single pricing plan which includes everything you need to get started.

    2. Woodpecker

    With features like reply detection, cold email personalization opens and clicks tracking, teamwork security, and more, Woodpecker can be a good cold email solution. It will sync your mailbox in a couple of seconds.

    woodpecker homepage

    Let’s dig into the key features:

    • Import prospects: Woodpecker supports importing prospects from CSV files or Google sheets. It is also easy to organize these prospects with lists and tags.
    • Basic email campaign features: You’ll get almost all the basic email campaign features such as mail merge, open and click rates, reply detection, auto-reply, and bounce detection, and delivery window.
    • Integrates with other tools: Woodpecker can integrate with other tools such as Zoho, Close.io, Base, and Piesync. This makes data synchronization easy.
    • Report analysis: Woodpecker offers an agency dashboard to organize all other campaign’s workflow in one place. But, they don’t provide live-feed reports.


    You can opt for a 30-day free trial without using a credit card. Pricing starts from $40/month for one account.

    3. Yesware

    Yesware is an email marketing tool that you can use for effective, automated cold email campaigns.

    yesware homepage

    An overview of what Yesware can provide you:

    • Generate lists: Yesware can create a targeted contact list from accurate contact and company data.
    • Integration: It provides email platforms integration and syncs information from other software to reduce manual data entry.
    • All in one: Yesware offers a good range of features such as Email tracking, attachment tracking, prospecting, campaigns, meeting scheduler, email templates, Salesforce integration, and more.
    • Data-driven decisions: You can have in detail reports and discrete data from activity tracking, campaign reporting, recipient engagement reporting, template reporting, and more.
    • Versatile team: Yesware has a team of over 1,000 persons which support both small business and large team.


    Yesware offers a free trial, and its pricing starts from $15/user per month.

    4. Mailshake

    Mailshake can help you to put your email outreach on autopilot. Here are the key features of Mailshake:

    mailshake homepage
    • Automation: This software can help you to connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and generate more sales through automated cold email.
    • Personalization: Mailshake sends personalized cold emails at scale.
    • Monitor everything: You can monitor opens, clicks, and replies for every email you send, and know which part of your sequence is converting.
    • Simple design: Mailshake has a very simple design that is easy to use. You can seamlessly incorporate social media into your email outreach sequence and send cold emails.
    • Split testing: You’ll be able to easily identify what is working best by testing multiple versions of your cold emails.


    Pricing for email outreach starts from $59 per month.

    5. QuickMail

    QuickMail lets the sales team automate outreach campaigns and schedule follow-ups from one place.

    quickmail homepage

    Here’s a quick overview of its features:

    • Import audiences: QuickMail creates manually or imports bulk prospects using CSV or Google spreadsheet.
    • Personalization and follow-up: QuickMail sends personalized cold emails and follow-ups at defined intervals automatically.
    • Easy team communication: QuickMail allows you to manage the whole team’s campaigns from one dashboard. If you have multiple teams, they can inbox in one place.
    • Integration: QuickMail has integration with tools like Zapier, Calendly, Aircall, NeverBounce, and more. Integrating with other sell processes can easily scale your outreach.
    • Email delivery rate: Email verification and deliverability optimization can help to keep your emails out of the spam box.


    Quickmail offers a 14-day free trial, and its pricing starts from $49/month.

    6. SmartReach

    SmartReach is an All-in-one email outreach platform that supports popular email clients including GSuite, Office 365, Outlook, Mailgun, and SendGrid.

    smartreach homepage

    Its key features are:

    • Automate email outreach: SmartReach allows you to send personalized emails and follow-ups automatically while making the whole process look manual.
    • Optimize email deliverability: it has built-in Spam test reports, campaign warm-up, and email validation feature to ensure email deliverability.
    • Prospect management: SmartReach allows you to use tags, lists, and prospect categories to segment and filter prospects' flexibility.
    • Integrations: You can sync data with your CRM. Workflow automation allows you to boost productivity.
    • Detailed reporting: You can track everything and get detailed reports for prospects, lists, templates, and best-time-to-send.


    The pricing for SmartReach starts from $24/month.

    7. SalesHandy

    For email tracking, automation, and outreach, SalesHandy can work as standalone software or as an extension for Gmail or Outlook. It has a good reputation for email tracking.

    saleshandy homepage

    Here are some of its key features:

    • Email tracking: You can get unlimited Email tracking with real-time double tick and desktop notifications in your Gmail and Outlook.
    • Auto follow-up: With SalesHandy you can automate follow-ups to individual emails or email campaigns.
    • Email Scheduling: It allows you to select a specific time zone. You can schedule emails to be sent at a time when they are most likely to be opened.
    • Cold email campaign: You can run a cold email campaign by sending personalized emails to multiple prospects on the go and get engagement analytics of recipients.
    • Email templates: SalesHandy can save your time by saving frequently sent email templates and sharing them with the team.


    Pricing for SalesHandy starts from $9/user per month.

    8. Prospect.io

    Prospect.io is a lead generation and email automation software that assists businesses in identifying leads and communicating with them via email.

    prospect.io homepage

    The key features are as follows:

    • Contacts management: This software manages contacts efficiently by using lists and dynamic segments. One can custom fields to manage organization and prospects.
    • Track workflow: Track email replies, bounces, and out-of-office responses.
    • Unique templates: You can customize and share email templates with the sales team.
    • Email finder: It uses a credit-based system to discover the email IDs of potential customers.
    • User friendly: It has a powerful chrome extension that helps you find prospect details from websites.


    Pricing for Prospect.io starts from $12.95/month.

    9. Reply

    Reply is a lead generation tool that focuses on both email and phone sales leads. It's easily adaptable to teams or individuals, and it gives you access to detailed campaign data so you can A/B test your strategy and see what works.

    reply.io homepage

    Reply’s key features are:

    • Engagement across multiple channels: With Reply, you can combine emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, and Whatsapp messages into a sequence to reach prospects wherever they are.
    • Backed by AI: You can improve the emails with AI-backed text quality scoring and get potential leads sorted out with its algorithm.
    • Easy integration: This software integrates with the tools you are already using to automatically sync data and keep records up to date.


    3 users can start with $70/month.

    10. GMass

    GMass keeps things simple and manages your cold email campaigns directly from your Gmail inbox. After installing it as a Chrome Extension, you'll have access to cutting-edge features straight from your inbox.

    GMass homepage

    Here’s a detailed look at GMass’s key features:

    • Email List Builder: GMass has a feature named Build Email List which is easy to use. It automatically builds an email list based on keyword search results in Gmail.
    • Email Personalization: GMass offers automatic personalization settings such as auto first name detection, Personalize paragraphs, Personalize images and links.
    • Email analytics: GMass can auto-generate a campaign report each time a cold email campaign runs. You can have detailed insight into all the core email statistics to analyze your campaign engagements.
    • Auto Follow-ups: GMass automates the process of sending follow-ups. It also allows customizing follow-ups such as limiting the number of follow-ups a person receives.

    Please note that this software works only with Gmail and G Suite accounts. The desktop version only works with chrome.


    GMass offers 50 email/day free automated email tracking. The pricing for the Individual plan starts from $8.95/month.

    Final words

    We have tried to give you a complete overview of the best cold email software available in the market.

    We have handpicked these tools based on their features and pricing. Pick the software that best suits your needs. But if you’ll ask us, we recommend going with OutReachBin to get the best value for your money.

    Don’t trust us? You can get started with OutReachBin today and see for yourself!

    Article written by Tanjina R
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